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Monday, March 22, 2010

No say!

AT 1:57 PM
I am so blardy moody right now. Ya, ask me why faster ask me why.


  1. I prepare it and you use it. It doesn't matter. You finished it and that is the matter. We can't rely on people even he/she seems nice to you.
  2. I am always the one being blamed on. You see. Anything that people does, and the person in charge won't see them. They only see me. I am the one do the bad things, always.s
  3. People just say don't know and can let everything go away. Therefore, I have to pick up everything to do.
  4. I know I don't have the kelian look. But, it is not necessary for many of you to push everything to me. You got what I mean?
  5. My luggage was left in Klang and I have no lingerie for the whole two weeks.
  6. My pencil case was left in Klang also so I cannot live without my calculator. you see.
  7. My FYP wasn't doing well from the first day until now.
  8. I feel everybody don't like me. Especially those who say they like me.
  9. I have my very own financial crisis. Just receive it first la will explain later.
  10. I just don't like your kelian look and everything-also-don't-know-look la!!!!
  11. wtf wtf wtf..
  12. kthxbai.

1 beep(s) to KahYee:

Anonymous said...

ngi ngor ngi ngor...Fire Engine coming.
I do have same situation like you also. We have no kelian look.
and at least im still like you and love you also.
Cheers up ya !

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