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Tuesday, March 9, 2010


AT 8:21 PM
I went to Tualang last Saturday (06.03.10) which was Ivan's birthday. I celebrated for him by eating big prawns and XO crab XD XD

The prawns were quite nice. Quite expensive though.


This is the multi-purposes cheap cabinet in my room. It's only RM13 if I am not mistaken. Bought it a year ago.

Layer #1
Tooth brush, toothpaste, Lo'real, Methode face wash, banana boat sun block, Vaseline body moisturizer, baby powder, lady powder, lancome miracle, lo'real hair spray, SASA's hair moisturizer, Dove's hair oil, Hiruscar - Scar removal, Biotherm serum + Biotherm moisturizer, comb.

Layer #2.
We have shit paper and panty liner.

Layer #3 I have milos, wheat grain biscuits, ribena, liptop greentea, canned sawi, sesame chicken fried noodle cup.

Layer #4 I have ribena lemon, Korea instant noodle and rice.

My very sour bed. I sweat a lot on bed cause the weather is VERY THE HOT plus I am sick so the whole bed will be warm until don't know when.

Spotted these cut things in Tesco. It's actually a paper clip =)

And today I was so "uan ong" means framed up to attend this talk supposed to be talked about creativity of critical thinking but it ended up with many statistics telling us - which country's human live longer (JAPAN), which country people smoke the most (CHINA), which country's citizen go see doctor most often (JAPAN), which country people has shortest live (TURKEY), and some astronomical stuffs that made me everyone of us were like o.O


Plus I am sick some more.
So, I tend to eat porridge a lot. I found this in Tesco.
It's so artificial. Even the package written NO preservative and NO artificial coloring.


It's so easy till you just need to pour in hot water and stir for 30 secs and....
TADA~~ not so artificial also right? I still don't like it though cause it's... Artificial =X and salty.
even I added so mucha waters.

Alright, I am still a sick person and this entry takes me century to just upload the photos. I am tired now. But time to study liao T_______T bai

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kenwooi on Mar 9, 2010, 10:52:00 PM said...

i love ribena lemon =D

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