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Sunday, March 7, 2010

people just love to make things BIG.

AT 10:51 PM
For example, ladies will describe the size of their bf's sex organ as exaggerated as possible, like, 20 inches or something?

Ya, I know it's a very raw and fresh example. Just accept it for a moment.

The inspiration of this entry is from the soon-to-divorce parents of mine. Ya, just accept it or a moment. Let me explain.

This is an entry based on a true story.

I am not sure yall interested on my explanation but, anyways, there is one day, or to be precise it was two days, my fat her suddenly MIA and it was so unexplainable so after so many so called valid resources my mother decided to "beng to" means turn over the table with my fat her. "Beng to" was needed because my fat her went to Genting Highland to show some hands. You geddit?

Then, in order to show some hands, many sacrifices were made. For example, do a drama that without having a proper rehearsal with my uncle and aunty. Everything goes well at the beginning. Until, the three kids of my uncle that were not involved in the rehearsal broke everything. Geddit?

Then, my mother was in my uncle's house to wait for my be loved fat her. Once my fat her stepped into my uncle's house, M16 was started to do its job - to shoot my fat her.

The only thing my fat her and uncle aunty can do is INSIST not to admit their JOURNEY TO THE GENTING.

Then, my soon-to-be-separated parents decided not to continue their arguments at uncle's house so both them drove different cars back to soon-to-be-not-home's-home. Geddit?

Then, my mother again as her expert is exaggerating, then she performed very well in the match. My mother has such a huge reaction because this is not the first time my fat her did the very CB punye mistake liao. After the M16 ran out of bullet, my mother decided to kick my father's arse out of the house (not home anymore).

I don't know how long it would be last. But, I hope I have a peace family. I really do.

I am not kidding. May be I seem happy while typing this entry. It may due to certain reasons:
  1. I am used to it already.
  2. I am so far away sad also no use.
  3. It may be a good thing for them to get divorced.
  4. My fat her deserves it.
  5. It will be fine soon.
  6. I will be more independent.
  7. I am too sad until I gone mad already.
  8. (negative) x (negative) = (positive)
Tomorrow is another day. Cheers my siblings. Everything gonna be fine very soon.

1 beep(s) to KahYee:

kenwooi on Mar 7, 2010, 11:45:00 PM said...

hope everything becomes fine =)

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