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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Le Johore.

AT 7:14 PM
This view can be seen in fronta my house every afternoon.
Look like New Zealand ma LOL!!

Nice or not? I do not know which day they will invade my house LOL!

Alright alright, just so you know, I just confirmed my event to F1 this 2nd, 3rd and 4th of Apr to support Massa XD XD

That day, when I was back to KL, the first thing I did was to buy the tickets of F1. Cause I scared the student price's tickets will be finished very soon.

When I reached Federal, it was so so so so freaking jam as usual. The outlet is going to close at 9pm and it was already 8.10pm and you know the jam of KL can last for centuries, you know.

Hence, since Clement was there and Mid Valley is his second house, I decided to stopped at Mid Valley and take KTM to KL central to buy the tickets. Then I simply parked my car and run to KTM station. And that guy (or lady) who claimed Mid Valley is his second house brought me to the wrong way.
I so afraid I have to wait the KTM for 20 minutes cause you know the convenience of our country's public transport.

And after I paid 20 cents to go into the toilet and Clement called my name. The train was there. LUCKY!!!

So, ......

I managed to reach the outlet by 830pm and I found out something really bad was they do not accept debit card. Thumbs down.

Their service was not good also because all of them were sitting and chit-chating there like I am invisible. The worst is they typed my name Lim Kah yee instead of Lim Kah Yee. You see the difference? =.= I just dong like it.

Then they typed the wrong phone number for my car park purchasing receipt. what the hell was that. =.= dong like x 83987324823986483

Their merchandise looked nice though. Will buy one I guess.
This is the first thing I am going to do in my soon-to-21-year-old-year. Watch F1 LIVE at Sepang.

I do not have the photo of the tickets and car sticker with me because I left everything INCLUDE MY LINGERIE in Klang. See it next week la. T_____________T

Apparently I am wearing the same bra everyday wtf T__________________________________T

And that first class degree holder Mr (or Ms) Clement forgot where we parked and we were like some crazy people searching for car for I think half an hour. Then we decided to go back to the escalator we came down from. Then, we found out the car was just beside us.
FML x 832490293846829718274

Lesson learned: never go out with Clement again, if you are not in President's List.


Then second thing is, I went to Johor. To be precise, Kulai, Johor. It's a real nice place. I like it. The culture there are much different than KL. But, they have strong characteristic so they won't be affected even they come to KL for years. Cause why you know? Cause they are RICH!!! Most of them, I mean.

Instead of staying in hotel, my friend that had a party for her 21st birthday adopted me wtfart T__________T so kelian.
This is the bed I slept on. There is this a funny thing happened in her house.

Wanna listen the story not? It is really interesting that you must know.

I went into her room, it's so cooling then I was looking for her air-condition in her room la. Then after 15 minutes I searched for the air-cond, I couldn't found anything.

I asked, why so cold wan? Where is the air-cond?

She said, there is no air cond in my room.

I was like "WhaT THE helL!?"

Now only I know there is a place in Malaysia, except for Genting and Cameron, they do not need air-cond to get cool air. You see!!!! COOL!!!

It was pretty rush, after I went to Nike Factory shop at Skudai (will be mentioned when you scroll down) and my journey to Johor almost ends already. So
Kari (finally his name appears in my blog liao) brought us to this sizzling thingy at Jusco Bukit Indah.

I had a bad experience eating grillstone meals in Genting Highlands two years ago cause it was so expensive like rm20 per dish and it tasted like longkang aka drain water.

However, the dishes here were really ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
Kari's fermented ginger chicken. ♥♥♥♥

Mine tang hoon seafood chicken soup. ♥♥♥

Venus or Wui Kin's sizzling chicken. ♥♥♥♥

This is the birthday girl Venus that I stayed in her house. MANY THANKS xoxo~~~

Wui Kin's seafood chicken soup mee. ♥♥♥

Black pepper whipped potato. ♥♥♥♥♥

And for all five + a glass of lemon ice only cost RM64.40!!

And ya, the Nike factory in Skudai. The items are real cheap there.
It's under Al-ikhsan.

Oh I like this but it's bit not worth for a plain polo cost RM69.00.

I ended up bought
This. Nice ma?

Take note of what I typed below k!!
Original Price: RM219.00
Purchasing Price: RM149.00 nett
$ saved: RM 70.00 nett.

And thing is, they accept debit card. Unlike FI outlet!! Bleh~~~

I bought another bag, which, I left in Klang's house also.
Original Price: RM 229.00
Purchasing Price: RM RM 139.00 nett!
$ saved: RM 90.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let you see it when I back to Klang la.

This flowerish one my sister wants it but unfortunately bo size liao.

Some random photos before I continue my entry la kay~ Cause I just wiped both my crocses =))


Some view of Kampar. I really believe that,
Only Kampar can has this kinda view,

Or this kinda view almost everyday =)

Alright. Here is the business time.

Since, I just bought a pair of shoes and a brand new bag, so I have decided to, sell myself my old bag

and sport shoe that both I rarely use.

Both authentic one lors.

For more info, please click here to go to my wardrobe and look at how low the price I allocated for these two items.

That is all. Time for me to sleep it's 10.48pm nao.


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