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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Kinda that thing....

AT 10:01 PM
Today, was a bad day, I think.

  1. I went for my Analysis of BT lab test. It was a mess. Well, I believe everybody also think that way.
  2. I got back my Analysis of BT test 2 result. It was sux!! very badly T_____________T lesser than half. Wrong strategy used to study the test!!!!!!!!
  3. Had a counselling/consultation with my academic advisor. The entire content is about WHY-I-GAINED-SO-MUCH-OF-WEIGHT. It's kinda sad, you see.
  4. I got to know I am being barred from Analysis of BT final. All is because, I did not sign the attendance list for ONCE. FML. It's an idiot system. Hello!! I have 100% presence also not necessarily I can get straight A+ okay!!! Treat 20 over ages people like kid. Niao eh~~
  5. As usual, my FYP result is a crap =X
  6. And everybody hates me. Ya I know I know!!!
  7. There is not much chances for you to see me die on bed, I mean, cannot wake up from bed even the sky is falling. But it happened yesterday, and I think for tomorrow morning also.
Good luck. purf!!! This Friday has another test. And I do not know how to start my 20 pages phytochemistry report.

5 beep(s) to KahYee:

kenwooi on Apr 6, 2010, 10:17:00 PM said...

good luck and all the best =)

Anonymous said...

Queen Kylie,

1.You are really look "bigger" compare to last sem i saw you.
2.i do not hate you.
3.cheers up ! ^__^

LimKahYee, Kylie on Apr 6, 2010, 10:59:00 PM said...

Ken: thank you SO MUCH!!
Lyan: T_________________________T in short i am phat.. I am changing my blogspot domain soon!! =D

Anonymous said...

Hrm.. confused @ #3... your school counselors monitor your weight, or do you mean you went in on your own free-will for a session to ask for advice? That's be crazy if school staff actually monitored the weight of their students O_o

Weight gain and weight loss are all temporary :P not a big deal - it'll go away as fast as it came :P

LimKahYee, Kylie on Apr 11, 2010, 8:01:00 AM said...

Well, the case happened like this Prexus. The lecturer is my academic advisor and the whole counseling session was about my weight FML =.=

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