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Saturday, June 12, 2010

La Nuit De Fantôme 10'

AT 11:58 AM
Of what I am busy for lately, yes please refer to the title "La Nuit De Fantôme 10'".

An UTAR event organized by Biological Science Society and Built Environment Society.
An event that is nourished since nine months ago, when the organizing chairman started to discuss with me that he is going to organize something some event.

And he thought it's an impossible task.

A several talks we had and in the conversation I told him it is possible if he makes it possible.

Over half a year of planning and two months of preparation...

....and he finally had made it to possible together with his 12 committee members and numbers of helpers.

Courtesy of these sponsors, they make the event even complete and awesome.

A signature tells you that the night is gonna start SOON.

And apparently,
I was one of the emcee of the night.

 Together with Jonathan Nairain Chandran.

These are the VIPs.
Deputy Dean of Faculty of Green, Technology and Engineering Mr. Doh Shu Ing and Dr. Ng Choon Aun with his spouse (my jie jie), main advisor of Built Environment Society Mr. Ar. Tan Seong Yeow, main advisor of Biological Science Society Dr. Han Kwai Hin (my beloved lecturer) and the organizing chairman Mr. Clement Wong Kiing Fook and Vice-chairman Mr. Kok Chung.

This event is funding for Malaysia Nature Society (MNS) and Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA).



(this is my blog apparently I will put more my own photos la kay =.=)

The victim we pulled out to warm the atmosphere cause the audience non stop talking like already two thousand years they never meet each other.

Ya, this is my best friend for four years since foundation and he is the organizing chairman for this event, Clement.
He was my scandalous rumor boyfriend =X

Me standing alone in the middle of no where. sigh*

The models for fashion runway that day.

Closer look of the models.
The garments are sponsored by FeelStudio.
TopBoy Hairstylists.
EuOne Makeup.
The left is the hair stylist from TopBoy and I almost kena electric shock from him when he look into my eyes =X

People queue up for food.
The foods are so sufficient and enough for my half year supply I guess.

In the VIP room.

And the night is start again after the food.

The selected Best Dressed Male nominees.

The selected Best Dressed Female nominees.

Announcing the winners.

Letting the guests to guess who win.

Who guess la who you think they will win?

Angel Wong and Chan Wei Kee

She is my foundation friend and she is getting thinner and prettier!!

Whilst I am fleshier and palmer. FML.

With Neo and Clement (again).

With everything's-coordinator-of-the-night, Jing Jing!

With Clement (again and again) and Voon Yin and Angie.

With the victim Andrew C.

With one of the model and tried to stand tall dee that's best I can do T_________T
I am short.

With Monica (my FYP lab mate), Clement's Waltz dance partner.

Candy Someone found his true love that day. Did you?

And that's a wrap!!!

I had a good night and hopefully with me emcee-ing the event I didn't brought down the atmosphere or offended anyone of you.

I hope I did a good job cause so far there is no negative feedbacks or should I say no feedback at all HAHAHA!!!

No news is perhaps a good news to me.

Thank for the opportunity Clement & friends.

La Nuit De Fantôme 10' blasted our final semester.
It is so perfectly done!

NANG ME!! if you like this!!

4 beep(s) to KahYee:

jfook on Jun 12, 2010, 12:05:00 PM said...

The best dressed girl is really pretty. :)

Anonymous said...

nang you and i really enjoy your post. uh~ i like your outfit and the most like is the small cap on ur head. it was really special !!! aoooo... love kylie's blog so muchiessssss !!! ^3^

Angel Wong on Jun 12, 2010, 3:44:00 PM said...

Nice entry. ;) Anyway, you've done a good job emcee-ing that night! Kudos!

JJ on Jun 13, 2010, 10:12:00 AM said...

Really nice post...thank you for putting up my did a good job...dun worry..

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