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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

UTAR Student Representative whack UTAR student!!!!

AT 7:13 PM
I mean, UTAR Student Representative whacked hit UTAR student.

Yes, right after Jorge Larrrionda being assassinated yesterday, UTAR has its own case.

Navindran, the one who whack hit people.
Race: Indian
Status: Currect SRC Faculty Representative

The one being hit, Lee with his wound.
Race: Chinese
Status: Carrying swollen chin.


According to Kong, one of my friend from Chemistry course, said that this is some kinda Bollywood show in UTAR, makes me XD XD XD

Another one Malaysia's culture after the BHP petrol case and young man died during marathon in KL!

Two different people with two different races.
Two different versions of explanations.
Who is right and who is wrong.
The answer is in your hands.

wtf sound so like "who wants to be a millionaire".

Anyways back to the topic.

These two Homo sapiens were actually having a post-mortem meeting for their event named "1Malaysia Food Festival" (sound so ironic cause they weren't that 1Malaysia only lo)

Then, during the post-mortem, some dissatisfaction of this and that was happened. And I am going to write in 2 versions. One from Navindran's view and one from Lee's view.

Navindran's View:
When it was Lee's turn to receive feedback from committee, he refused to admit his mistakes and scold vulgar words and leave the meeting. Navindran chased him and asked him to return to the committees and apologize. Lee started to shout "POLICE" when Navindran is approching him. Navindran tried to pull Lee and Lee continued shout "POLICE", so (here comes the interesting point) Navindran was so panicked so he hit Lee.

He then claimed that his act was just for self-defense. (Ya, self-defensing from hearing Lee shouting "POLICE" interesting!!!)

Lee's View:
After the argument (there is no vulgar words thing in this version), he and the girlfriend left and heading to the car. And according to Lee, he SUDDENLY (I do not know how sudden it was but HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH!!!) being punched by Navindran.

That is all for Lee's version. Suddenly finish liao. HAHAHHAHAHA!!!

p.s. Apparently I am not being racist here lors what the commenter thinks about wor.... T___________T


Ahh... recently so many this kinda thing happened around me, including me myself. Due to something happened on last Saturday, with my low IQ, EQ with my hypocrite characteristic begging for mercy and being asked to be one of the TVB actress (proud to have all these), I am totally completely utterly fully speechless. I have decided in my heart. What I should do and what I shouldn't in the future. Talk less and be less supportive and be less proactive and be more passive at certain environments.

I learned something from this incident. Telling the truth, telling true feelings to your good friend or anyone, it won't work, at all time. Again, different people has different version of stories and different point of view. Which one you choose? It doesn't matter. Things won't be going back as original as it is. Even though you have a "Back to the Past Machine".

"This story ends at 7.11 p.m. 29th June 2010."

3 beep(s) to KahYee:

Anonymous said...

i support Navindran instead of Lee.

Khairul on Jun 29, 2010, 9:01:00 PM said...

racism. stay away.

visit me

Anonymous said...

Miscommunication, shouldn't choose sides. Both are wrong, because they took it personally. owh, lyan, Don't be a douchebag, and umm....i don't think its necessary to put the has nothing to do about race at all. owh well, some racist assh0le will sure start trolling soon.

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