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Saturday, June 5, 2010

small room with big dream...

AT 1:17 PM
i know i shouldn't. but this is always what i did.

i mean, self conversation. to make myself better or not, i don't know.

it doesn't seem helping me a lot but i doing that since i was born so for over 20 years i don't think i can change it by now but to make it a producing positive results.
lying on bed thinking so much of things and predicting the future things that is part of my life. and it normally take the whole day or at least half of the day.

there is no specific meaning for my photos so whatever you think it is then it is la kay. haha. and that is always what i think also. my prediction always goes correct. i know before i really go and talk to that person. i know we shouldn't be bias or what la but my first feeling towards that person by just seeing them (without need to talk to them) i already know they have brain in their head or taufu, or some other things. the sixth sense almost always correct.

now, i so feel like going ipoh but there is nothing in ipoh that makes me fancy because i am a city girl that immersed in the flower flower world of kuala lumpur. how good if kampar has subway.

next wednesday, courtesy of biological science society and another society's name that i am not so sure, i was being invited to be their emcee together with my vice chairman of src last time big jon and i know that night will be an awesome night.

as time goes and after four years i spent my precious teens in utar. three years of degree life with same geng of people and believe or not up to you. my bonding with them is the van der waals bond, which is, the weakest wan. i think one day if i die and suddenly disappear from utar they wouldn't know also. i thought i am quite good with one of them (is a guy) but just somehow when i realize there are so many updated things that i do not know, i doubted whether i am you know, exists. i am not blaming him la cause he has no responsibility on that i am just doubting. k. doubt. just wonder.

as for my blogging life. apparently i am not exist also. i really think i write better than many of them but their followers and traffics are way much higher than mine. it probably due to my socialization skill is an E to be existed in this world. next time after i die, i'll meet the angels or gods and they'll probably give something like this to me.

  1. kindness - D
  2. attitude - C
  3. wealth - B+
  4. socialization - E
  5. number of friends in the human world - n/a

not to say about blogging sphere, but a lot of people just doesn't like me for no reason. i always think people doesn't like me because i am not able to sampat and do not have advanced back-stab knowledge.

this world is really full of bitch.

bitch is
  • someone who thought the world is too peace
  • someone who always touch your hands and share things with you in the public but stab your back in the private corner
  • someone who deserves the oscar award
  • someone who speaks in very high pitch in fronta guys
  • someone who not necessarily being hated by people
  • someone who sometimes very famous among the same species
  • someone who i don't like (most of the time)
and i'd like to name them Canis lupus bitche.

but sometimes the world wouldn't be fun without Canis lupus bitche, weird isn't it?

p.s. the dream of mine i wouldn't say it out cause i guess many of you know wishes that you said it out will not come true wan. sien.

"hello, anybody hear me?"

3 beep(s) to KahYee:

Anonymous said...

yes hear you. ^____^

LimKahYee, Kylie on Jun 5, 2010, 5:05:00 PM said...

Lyan: thank you so much T___T

Prof.Chouji on Jun 5, 2010, 8:39:00 PM said...

yea? ada apa apa nak? Datuk blh dengar...cakaplah, wahai anakku...

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