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Friday, June 25, 2010

Nose shit.

AT 6:23 PM
I was supposed to take a nap for the Portugal vs Brazil tonight but because I am tired of schools and studies dee.. so crap back to the topic.

But I have thought of such a good topic while I was falling asleep so I must talk about it!!!!!

You won't know that kinda feeling when you're about to fall into dreamland and suddenly something PUFF* pops out in your mind and that is so great!! [so excited right now YAY YAY!!]

Alright, apparently I was dicking my nose when I was about to sleep just now and then suddenly I recalled back when I was still a kid right, I always wanted to keep my nose shit when there is unique shape of it or the size of my nose shit is un-explainable HUGE. And I wanna keep them in some boxes like match boxes. I actually having this habit also when I was cutting my toe nails or finger nails when there are awesomely huge and unique nails and I'd like to keep it.

Then, one day I found out my nose shit to put inside the match boxes is a bit too dala dala.. As in, it'll lost easily. And then I was looking for a solution to solve this problem la apparently. THEN!!!!

You know what I was thinking? HAHAHHA!!

I was thinking to have a special room to store all my nose shit for my whole life. Unfortunately my house is too small to accommodate all my nose shit for 60 years ( I assume I'll survive until next 40 years la). So, ya baby,  eventually I didn't do the crazy thing. If not I'll be very rich now selling my nose shit to the whole world.

Because there is a doctor from Australia stated that eating nose shit is good for health and improves your lymphatic system, provided the nose shit is freshly dig from your nose.

p.s. I never denied all the doctors are having Permanent head Damage problem kays.

If you don't believe in me you can read this short article (in mandarin wan la paiseh) and it tells you everything.

p.p.s. This entry is for entertainment purpose only. However if you really tasted your nose shit please lemme know how it tastes like I desperately wanna know XD XD

1 beep(s) to KahYee:

Anonymous said...

ur habit is weird !!! hahahaz. the match boxes still there?

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