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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Review: Lancôme Trésor In Love Fragrance.

AT 7:45 PM
Courtesy of Lancôme and SinChewJitPoh, I've gotten a sample of brand new Lancôme Trésor In Love Fragrance.
Stupid me was thought of to pour the entire ml of the fragrance to my car fragrance container X.x since my Ambi Pur lavendar container unfortunately luckily this bottle thingy cannot be opened wan HAHAHAHAH!!!

After few days of using Trésor In Love Fragrance, I was in  with myself cause I smell so good T__________T It's so easy to fall in ♥ ~~ 

And the good smell last for whole day also. People pass by me also  me more I think HAHAHAHHA!!! And when I sleep on bed and I wake up the good smell is on my bed and I don't wanna leave me bed!!!!! wakakakakaka.....

Lancôme Trésor In  Fragrance is selling at RM200 for 50 ml and RM260 for 75 ml.

In  with me now with Lancôme Trésor In Love Fragrance XD

Nang me~

2 beep(s) to KahYee:

Anonymous said...

send some the fragrance nice smell to here pls...

cletsey on Mar 29, 2011, 1:06:00 PM said...

The smell that lasts long must be the perfume we need to use but of course it also need to enjoy more for those who smell it.

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