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Friday, August 6, 2010

Out to Taiping Part I - Food

AT 8:45 PM
HI readers!!! I mean, HI PEEPS!!! As I promised earlier, this is my scheduled entry for my Taiping trip!!

As for why I went to Taiping, please check the 2nd entry after this entry you're reading 

This entry is apparently gonna talk about the food I had in Taiping.

And, due to the timing wasn't correct, I didn't get to have real fehmes & nais dishes!!! 

Guess what, the first thing I had when I reached Taiping was.... you'll never get it right.
It was.
The A&W rootbeer!! With ice-cream top!  cause Klang do not have A&W 

Then, IT'S JAVA CHIP FRAPPUCINO from Starbucks!!!!
Was a out of sudden decision cause craving for Starbucks coffee so long cause Kampar doesn't have one yet 

Ok, back to the serious and authentic and genuine Taiping food 

Medan Selera, Taiping.

Taiping is a place full with Chinese, why would I have Malay food here?
Don't tell me I am one Malaysia. I don't believe in bullshit stuff unless Muthu can be named Ali and Ah Kao will be named Sami Vellu.

The main reason is, ALL THEIR FOODS ARE SO NICE!! 

#1 Basri Satay

Unlike the Kampar satay that cost us RM0.50 per cluster, this RM0.50 per cluster was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more nicer. Taste good, smell good, too! Rated 7/10 for them! 

#2 Omar Popiah

I saw a lot people buying and eating but I don't get the deliciousness of it I am sorry  4/10 for you

#3 Noor Murtabak

I was attracted by his way of preparing and cooking the murtabak and it looks tasty so I decided to give myself a try on it 

See? After they cook the ingredient, eggs with tonnes of onion, then only they wrap it with the flour skin! First time see it! May be I is noob 

It tasted so much better than the Kampar's and Klang's! Surprisingly!! It doesn't have a stink smell on it which makes me like it so much! 6.5/10 cause even I don't really fancy onion! 

#4 Nasi Goreng Kerabu [kampong style]

Enough kampong ma?

But according to Kari it tasted not bad like what his mother cooked! I didn't eat. So I guess is 5/10 

#5 Wai Kei Chicken Rice
If you know me well (which you all are not =.=), I don't consume chicken rice wan. The solely reason is due to the chicken smell will last forEVER in my mouth even after I Sensodyne or Listerine 

But guess what!
The chicken rice here have no such problem! SUPERB! Many of the chicken rice stall bosses shall learn from him lor~

#6 Fishball Fried Kuey Tiao Koay Teow
I know Penang's kuey tiao better but this is worth to try even this wasn't the best there! 

This is so fehmes because the ah pek char the kuey tiao using FISHBALLS!!!

This is the Koew Teow!!! 
No la because we tapao-ed the kuey tiao and the next day only I eat it so it looked so ugly I didn't take the picture =X

Camwhore first while waiting the kuey tiao!


So recognize this place! This is the Medan Selera Taiping
With many ahpek and different races until there is an Indian guy thought I am the 'cha dong mui' ah moi that sells drink and asked me for order FML!!!!

Even I've such an city-look. Seriously FML. 

Next, since the real fehmes stalls were all sold out of food, we went to another part of Taiping Old Town (actually just opposite the Medan Selera).

Their Plaza Perbandaran.

Where, they sell a lot of 'water products' or 'AA goods' here.

And also some authentic genuine food and garments la of course 

And out of no where, we saw......
... THIS!!
what's so special? IF you didn't realize what's so special then there are 2 possibility...
  1. you are blind
  2. you are buta huruf
  3. you are blind

He has the freaking PANDAN flavor wan kay~~~

Can you see the green in color thingy? COOL MAX!!! IT WAS IN GREEN!!!

SEE IT? SO chio~

This is chio-er. Went to Old Town with Starbucks drink! 
i conned him

... and it tasted so nice! 

And that is a wrap for my Taiping Part I - Food. If you think that is too little. FYL. Cause that was horrible we had all that in 1.5 hours kay!!! ALL THAT!!!! 

Stay tuned for the Taiping Part II!! You wouldn't wanna missed it! 

p.s. This entry is scheduled to be published!
p.p.s When this entry is published, I AM WATCHING La Comedie Humaine (人間喜劇at TGV, Bukit Tinggi, KLANG!!!! 

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Xjion89 on Aug 6, 2010, 10:41:00 PM said...

wow, seems fun!

1st time dropping by^^~~

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