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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Second last time before she departs...

AT 1:45 PM
YO! Sunway Pyramid!
Me and the sisters went to the Sunway Pyramid last Saturday.

I'll be going back to Jalan Tepi Sungai, Klang for 2 weekends consecutively due to the reason stated by my title.

My big sister which is 14 months younger than me is soon flying to the States.

To be honest, up until now, I've no feeling of she's leaving or so. May be it's too early for me to realize.

Anyways, because she told me that the place she is studying is a kampong area. They basically have NOTHING there so she's compressing the ENTIRE MALAYSIA into 20-25kg and move the whole Malaysia to Purdue University, Indiana this Aug 16.

So being a reason of accompanying her, I get to burn my pockets as well.

Camwhoring with the small sister while waiting the big one in the fitting room of Esprit for century long =X







Another waiting session for my big sister so again I camwhored in a not-that-obvious-version.



Things I bought:-
First time I spent in Shu Eumura.
They have good services but the supervisor face was so CCB.

#1 Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil [Best seller]

Price: RM100

#2 Shu Uemura Starting Kit [promotion kit]

RM 35.00

Brightening Cleansing Oil with UV under base mousse [Best seller]

#3 La Senza Bra
RM forgot-how-much

#4 Pierre Cardin panties

RM29.90 for 3. 
Not expensive but easily to be cleaned and long lasting (can wear for years )

#5 Roxy T-shirt
RM 65++
First time buying garments from Roxy.
Moral of the story is I've British/Australian's body figure 

#6 MNG singlet

RM33.00. I wore it immediately after I bought it. Like it's length. Almost 1 meter long 

Immediately after the 6 hours shopping my leg and foot almost separate from each other and still I need to drive back and cross the jam, we meet up the mother and 184 cm 84 kg 13 year old brother for dinner at a restaurant nearby our house.

We ordered:-




Brother, mother, big sister (left to right). I don't mind if you wanna interpret it from right to left 

[blur mode] Big sister and small sister (left to right)

The more quarrel, the more 

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