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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Life: The free lancing world.

AT 11:04 PM
I am now messing with free lance works since the second day of my three months semester break.

Free lancing is now not necessarily hit and run jobs anymore, even though some are still hit and run.

Like promoters they actually wanted a permanent one because the experienced promoters can work better.

I actually search online for jobs and I didn't know I can really get replies from them or not. I sent out many emails that written my profiles on it. Thus, if one like me, all like me, vice versa.

I made many phone calls to ask for vacancies.

Me, Lim Kah Yee proved that online searching is a lot a lot a lot better than walk-in interview when you are shopping with your bf or family. Seriously!!!

So actually happened? I got lectured from both my parents for these few days FEW DAYS!!! because of free lancing. wtfart man!!!

First day, I called Kumon and they hired me as maths teacher for rm5/hour means rm30 for 6 hours at Setia Alam, Subang. But after my mum's advice, the rm30 cannot even cover my cost for going Setia Alam so I rejected it on that day itself.


Then on that day itself also another agent called me on 1030pm for an urgent job at Taipan and he can fetch me to Taipan for that 8 hours of work that can gimme RM80 cash after work done. But my house ran our of current so my dad asked not to work for him cause it's dangerous and he might rape me kill me eat me and so ever negative stuffs. So I listen to him and I rejected that work at 2am. And that fella so angry and wanted so send my profile to other agencies to blacklist me which I think he did nothing wrong cause it was my fault in the first place. But at last I managed to find him a substitute at 430am so it settled. But the experience was sux, seriously. But since that, my dad keeps on nagging besides me saying how dangerous and how this that blah crap etc. I really wanted to ask my dad to shut up cause if he worries so much, how am I going to work next time wtf! Like he can gimme the amount of money that I want and now I managed to find work and all he thinks was those fxcking negatives stuffs.


Alright then another case, today, just now, there is phone call from an agent, again, it's for survey purposes for my car VIVA and they gonna pay me rm200 for 3 hours of survey which I think is really really good. The agent of course has to ask details from me of my car plat, address (in order to fill in the form for the company in charged ma), they also asked how many family members, family annual income etc. Then both my parents were in front of me that time. I seriously fxcking frus when they keep showing their hands asking me to hang up the phone. Then both wrote me notices asked me who's that person in the phone. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the more I think the more I feel angry what-the-fuck!! I don't care this is the only way I can scold what the fuck so just let me k!! Then after I hang up they asked me questions like asking questions to a criminals. WTF MAN!!! This job is in KL so they asked why can't you work at Klang? Klang got so many jobs blah crap. EH PA AND MA!!!! KLANG WHO GOING TO PAY YOU RM200 for 3 hours!!! (may be got but I don't have the channel you und??) WTF!!!!!! They just don't understand.


Out of the negatives world for now. There is good thing also at the same time because I am now writing reviews for websites so there is a small amount of income also la and all I need to do is just blogging which is one of the thing I like the most HAHAH!!


Don't suspect why I am so eager for money. The only solely reason is I don't want take $$ from parents since I am able to work in these three months semester break. I am now thinking I am 20 already so I can work already lah. Need not to depend on family anymore. Also can lighten my parents' burden cause I have 2 younger sisters and 1 younger bro ma.

Another very selfish and idiot reason also. HA! Is because I always buy and eat expensive things. So I need to work for that. =) Is better than get $$ from parents, right?

Ah.. And I am going for an interview tomorrow. Hope I get it. heart-crossed.

Wish me good luck people. Night.

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