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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Life: 174cm, 73 kg, SRJK (C) Kong Hoe, Starbucks, TonyRomas.

AT 9:22 PM
My first sister sleeps with cucumber? Don't think else where. I think she eats it la.


Time flies like flies, I left one more subject, which is none science, it's culture communication (with hopefully useful study guidelines). And, been busy editing blog template. I always want a three columns template, but it makes my photos look so small. Don't know which one I want now. Hmmmm...


Photos taken when I was studying. I spent 4 brands for Genetics and you know how hard it is. Almost everyone's face was green after the genetics paper last Saturday. wtfart kononnya easy to score cheh!!

On my way back to Klang. Those cars from south to north need to spend 10 hours from KL to reach Penang on that day. Sigh. And they still need to pay for it.

The red-wine-vege-meesua cooked by mummy. Delicious. She always said outside foods a lot MSG, not nice + expensive so always cook this at home. The red wine is home made also given by some chef friend of mummy.


Morning went to SRJK (C) Kong Hoe (my primary school). Finally the hall is done. They start the construction since I graduate and they finish it when my brother graduating.

The hall is so grand. Still remember this photo (please ignore the first left girl, that is not me T.T) in this entry with Jessica Alba in it? LOL!
The classrooms still very cacat and old. The first year I entered the classrooms were made up of wood. Cool not? Now so grand dee...

By the way, this is my brother in Std 6 with 174cm and 73kg. Tallest in my house now and remember, he is not fat, he is big bone Xp

TONY ROMAS @ Sunway Pyramid

With this attire (without the shoe la ignore it)

I phat already I know cause I ate a lot in exam period one forgive me okay!! =.="'

Tony Romas has not much variety. My 1st sister said Italianese is plenty lots better than TonyRomas which I sou sou sou and sou agree with it after had my meal at Tony Romas. May be I am not too much or fascinated on steaks, beer and most of it are beef and I don't eat beef since I was born. Hmm...

Guardian and Watson
I entered Watson 3 times, Guardian 2 times (told you before people who entered Guardian sure enter Watson also I suspect both are having the same boss cause wherever has Watson, we can see Guardian too), to compare the price and search for the items I want. L'oreal hair spray only available at Guardian. All the cheap masks only in Watson. Sigh. Luckily they are near like 100m only =O

Bought something in this shop too. Some plastic candy and baby biscuits. I like baby things but I am not sure I like baby or not. Read this if you wanna know how I feel if I have one. Burh.


AEON Bukit Tinggi
Back through Kesas Highway so I reached AEON Bukit Tinggi. Basically my whole day is about eating. I have more foods photos tomorrow I tell you. Two meals for dinner x.X diet plan-failed. o.O"

Had this TAZO Brambleberry from Starbucks. It's a very nice and healthy drink. RM10 each bottle. Caffeine free and with 24% juice in it unlike those with colorings sien. Only Starbuck sells it in Malaysia, I think.

And I see a lot bags today. But I have phobia of buying leather bag now wtf. Damn angry you know why? Remember I bought a bag below just week ago?

Ya this one which I posted in the 400th entry. The second day I used it and the color dropped already wtf. I can tell you it's from Eyusa AEON Bukit Tinggi. This burn me 5o bugs lo c'mon and only two days (one and a half to be precise) then it just fxcked.

And make me phobia sien. DON'T BUY CHEAP THING ANY MORE!!! sien.

Forget about it. The boss of this shop sure kena one. KARMA!!! and I will think I donated it to OKU for the sake of consoling my broken heart T.T

Alright, then I head to dinner with siblings and mummy. Photos still processing.

Do tell me whether you prefer three columns or two columns for my blog kays!!
I become so in-deciding after enter degree. My IQ has turned down T.T even simple math also I cannot do sien.

p.s. Still angry with the bag lo!!

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Anonymous said...
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The Death Lord on Sep 21, 2009, 2:39:00 AM said...

I can see the scar distinctively!!!

LimKahYee, Kylie on Sep 21, 2009, 8:39:00 AM said...

eh is like that already one ok.. I am now working damn damn hard to make it disappear ok!! T.T T.T wtf T.T

The Death Lord on Sep 22, 2009, 3:07:00 AM said...

Put make up then can lo.. haha...

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