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Friday, September 4, 2009


AT 5:56 PM
12.09.09 - Pendidikan Moral
15.09.09 - Molecular Biology (not microbiology in here paiseh that entry was real irrational)
17.09.09 - Cell and Tissue Culture Techniques
19.09.09 - Genetics
23.09.09 - Culture and Communication

To my course mates: If there's any mistakes of date or subjects please tell me cause I don't wanna miss any paper T.T

The agenda above is the content of blog entry for most UTAR students. So do I cause I am UTAR students also la apparently.


Students are now complaining the system of self-printing examination slip after the dissatisfaction of self-printing student bill. I don't see any wrong with this cause we've too many students and with this new system we do no need to queue up for sooooooo long and for those who already back to hometown can print at their hometowns too so convenient lors complain what la print outside 10sens only don't sms too much or buy lesser food at pasar malam can already, right? That's why people can complain everything in their life. Sigh.


Well, as a normal ordinary student, I haven't start my revision, yet. Don't know when to start, I really don't know. People like Clement and Chee Wah both already can score very well without revision so that is the best part of smart students cause they are so relaxing now. It's just a statement I am neither jealous nor envy. Curiosity kills the cat, envy kills the bird. ( I don't know why bird, don't ask)


When I was on my way back to Klang, I calculated the cameras on the highway. There were 10 cameras set (realized after Clement told me) weeks ago. Hopefully not that day I kena saman cause I speed after rm30 being makan by the police =X

Some ting ting happened I don't know what's it but it's something like bridge is built between us so basically is not a bad thing =) Ever since he changed his spec he became so handsome LOL. I did not realize his appearance until Clement told me it was him beside the road and I saw him and embarrassingly I shouted in car and I said: 噢!超帅的!!(oh! so HANDSOME!!!) This is the first time I did this in my entire life omg. Even I saw Lee Hom also my response was not like this burh. That's end part for him la don't praise too much he will fly and when he flies he won't pull me along wan for sure so that's all Xp


2 beep(s) to KahYee:

Anonymous said...

about the self print exam slip i think is convinient lo. if forget to bring, if missing, if koyak, if basah still can reprint ma ho? and also can print many many for precoution ma!I love that system. wawawa....

Previously you was a top student also right? i heard that student that get over 3.5 baru can compete for SRC le. So, you r a lihai student also la. no neeeed envy too much. Kampar have many bird liao. you no need to join them to add more the crowd.

You pay RM30 is better than Rm300 la. be happy. Everytime i kena saman, the police also dun wan ask me to settle sini although I beg i cry. So, you r so lucky. wuwuwu.

AND I WON"T SCOLD YOU even in Dream. Because I dont want cannot wake for next day forever. and been killed in dream also. Gek Gek !!!

Prof.Chouji on Sep 5, 2009, 12:07:00 PM said...

LOL! Eh, I also need to revise de, k? If not, I will also jump titanic in the exam. =D

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