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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

shut the motha fxck up

AT 10:34 PM
all of you shut up. ya, tell me about it you all are talk as tatt's friends or whatsoever so desperately wanna make chaos around. I do not know.

First of all, if you are not happy, you can just ignore my blog or shut your computer or whatever that makes you feel comfortable.

shut up to especially to the one asked me to fuck tatt up. If you so desperate wanna do so, please go ahead, I won't stop you.

those who give comments please give some brains kay I am damn specifically subject to those anonymous. Yes you ANONYMOUS!! damn!

if you dare to bark like bitch over there please write your name and spell it correctly, else, get out of my way and go self fertilization.

Secondly, I do not have any intention to hurt my friends in Chemistry (CE) course and now finally I realize the importance of what tatt in all of your hearts and sorry again cause I really don't know his real name.

Apologize especially to Mr. T cause I didn't know it offends you that significantly.

Thirdly, unlike you all, I don't want to block a people (anonymously) or ask him to fuck off like one of the comment written.

, if you all still wanna continue with all the craps please go other sites cause you are not welcome here.

Thank you.

Yours truly.

p.s. post is being removed due to requests from some non-anonymous friends. not for those who bark like bxxxx.
p.p.s. since I don't know who you (you those anonymous whether you are from CE, YA YOU!!) are so I can scold you with whatever words I like you son of bxxxx. I don't need anonymous to teach me what to do.

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