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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

10 ways to cure mosquito bite.

AT 7:36 AM
I is very lucky. Since 20 years and 6 months ago, mosquitoes have found a very naive and innocent object - ME to feed their whole family. Mosquitoes started to love me so much until I scared. Some say, my blood is sweet. Some say, my mum did not bath me with carlsberg or black dog (okau) - it's a kinda beer. Cause my mum bathed my sister with "okau" 19 years and 4 months ago so mosquitoes dong like her.

The other day, in few seconds, I got 7 bites from our lovely mosquitoes T________T as below"
There is a mystery part of this kinda bite. If you ignore it even it's damn itchy, then it won't swell. If you scratch it, congratz. You will see things like above.

Therefore, I really need some solutions to cure the mosquito bites before my legs fully digested by mosquitoessssssss. Please see BELOW:
  1. Peel of your skin put salt on your wound.
  2. Put saliva on mosquito bite and massage it using your fingers.
  3. Use fire to burn it.
  4. Apply toothpaste on it.
  5. Squeeze the mosquito and apply its juice on the bite.
  6. Apply Mopiko.
  7. Put some water and use fan to make the bitten area cooling and stop the itchiness.
  8. Apply cili padi hurt it and it will heal faster.
  9. Apply wind oil aka 风油 to make it spicy and not itchy and eventually heal.
  10. Put some crosses on top (refer to the image below) of the bite and eventually the swell will gone the next day you wake up. I am not sure why it is so effective but since I was kid I applied this already. I feel it's magic LOL!! I am also not sure whether you all also found this solution is effective =D

One day later, very miracle-ly, these 7 spots are all GONE!!! so happy happy happy!!

Alright, time to go for FYP =))

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