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Sunday, February 7, 2010

why I like it longer?

AT 7:08 PM

ADDRESS. Above is the longest officially recognized place name in an English-speaking country.
I like is because it is hard to remember and able to make the people feel happy when they are writing the address.

LEGS. I like my legs longer because the pants that I ever tried or buy are always longer than my legs and I have to fold all the pants so that it suits my height and I don't like short legs of mine!!

FINGER NAILS. I like it longer because I can scared many people and get many people's attention whenever I go and I can also get many sponsored due to the famous of my finger nails =P

LEGS again. I know it is impossible but I like my legs longer because I can walk 100m in one step XD XD

HAIR. I like it longer because I no need to wear sweater or jacket when I feel cold. It can also be my scarf XD Also, I can sit on two seats in cinema or airplane cause my hair needs a seat also, thus, eventually they will accommodate me in First class seat XD XD

TONGUE. So that the males won't find me for French kiss because it is real disgusting and able to make them puke Xp

BRIDGE. So that I can walk with my husband in future at this endless road =) OuH~~ sweeeet~~

HOT DOG. So that it will be the last time for me to consume hot dog in my life omg who's able to finish this?? X.x


And recently, LG has come out with its brand new product LG NEW Chocolate BL40.
The Taiwanese hot and sexy supermodel Lim Chi Ling as the ambassador for this hottest hand phone in town, LG's NEW Chocolate BL40. She chose LG NEW Chocolate BL40 as her companion because the phone is long and sexy and unique and trendy and sophisticated and fashion and it's LONG, again. Click on the video below to have a better view of NEW LG Chocolate BL40.

Apparently, the LONG idea of LG NEW Chocolate BL40 is basically based on the slim, sexy and sleek supermodels on model bridge.

The fusion of technology with fashion made LG Chocolate BL40 simple but unique. For the beginning of the TIGER years in 2010, after so many years of using thick and wide phones, after so many years of conventional designs of phones, it is time for a revolution to get a newly designed LG NEW Chocolate BL40 as a good start of 2010 ;)

Now, you starting to ask the price of this LONG Chocolate BL40, it's RM2199 and 0% interest installment of payment is made with credit card.

Wanna know more about LG Chocolate BL40? Click here for more.
"To choose mobile, choose LG Chocolate BL40."

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