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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Butt off la!!

AT 7:56 PM

Butt off you all cheap spies..
and shut your beak!..
Get out of my life!!!

I've just got a damn from Stupid!
People, I am just a normal + ordinary human and you bitches are like the dogs that cannot stop barking like that spy on me. What the....
I have my own privacies. Stop stalking at me.
I won't ask bitch to respect me cause they'll never know what is "respect".
Damn it.
What the hack is going on now.

7 beep(s) to KahYee:

Anonymous said...

hi,what's're you doing?my name is hank and i think you're doing okay for your blog,but certainly you've to imrpove the way you write a description about a particular things or situation.make it clear for everyone who read not make it a habit of by using malaysian style language like la,mar or something else that inside the same categeory.i'm sure you'll make it a big boost for your blog overall.all right,that's all for my advices.good luck!


LimKahYee, Kylie on Feb 28, 2008, 11:53:00 AM said...

hey hank, thanks for your advices. But, everyone has their own way and style of doing things. I am a Malaysian and thus I won't purposely make my words so into proper English Language. However, I admit that I am poor in vocab. So, still I will try my very best to do some improvement. Thanks loads Hank.

Anonymous said...

if you're writing in english, write in proper english. don't find excuses. good on you that you know you've "poor vocab" and i think it'll do you better to know your grammar is hopeless. nice to know you're one to improve.

like hank said, we blog-readers hv no idea on wht you're writing on so we need background. and if your privacy matters so much, why blog anyway? from the looks of this post, you're the barking biatch, dear.


Anonymous said...

"I am a Malaysian and thus I won't purposely make my words so into proper English Language."

FYI->mus malaysian using broken english?? dun specified MALAYSIAN. thx :)

Anonymous said...

EXACTLY! i totally agree with anonymous. Malaysians don't use bad english. at least most dont. don't give malaysians a bad name just cos you're one of those msians using broken english.

Anonymous said...

after read this post,i was so suprising..i never thought that there would be any suitable word that can correctly,undoubtly to scold such A BITCH LIKE YOU!!!Thanks for helping...OTZ

Anonymous said...

u are damn fucked up bitch , bitch !
if you dont want ppl to noe bout your life, dont blog!

you are a malaysian so u can blog wit la or mar?
don humiliate malaysians. don tell ppl you are a malaysian. we malaysian don blog like tat.

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