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Thursday, January 3, 2008

.: My First Week in Kampar :.

AT 5:17 PM
Ah, finally I can online. Thanks to Clement's house mate Mr Sze Chuan (Yaya the SzeChuan flavour). lol.

Well, my first week in Kampar was quite interesting.

I reached Kampar around 3.30pm on 1st Jan 2008. Then, I checked into my room (i'll provide the photo on next entry). Then put my stuffs, my parents and my uncle auntie(aunt is kampar people) move my stuffs for me. Then, we went out for lunch, then they chao, then I unpacked. Around 9pm I finished. Then, I slept.

2nd day, went out for brunch(I woke up at 12pm.) with Mr. Yian(I am his loong-term enemy). Then Clement came then hanging around with them (very good and funny friends) for whole day.

3rd day, still sticking with them and found out Westlake is really a small place. I went here and there and eventually I met many friends and enemies as well!! LOL!

That's it. Things are so unpredictable. I have a feeling my 3 years in Kampar wil be very interesting and full of suprises. Well, we'll just see.

Ah, I miss all my friends. Aquarium, how are you? Miss Wong PT? Agnes? Ah, a lot la.

Suddenly, I found out people that are behind me just now all gone. Clement, Jing Jing, Monica, Kai Hung, Sze Chuan. Where they went? Hiding and trying to scared me? Oh man.. That's it for this time. Take care all my friends and family that I love. MUACKS**

1 beep(s) to KahYee:

Angel Wong on Jan 10, 2008, 9:14:00 PM said...

im doing fine in setapak...
glad that u asked bout me...hehehehe

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