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Friday, July 17, 2009

AT 10:48 AM
must go: to watch the 35 secs transformer video. No watch, sure regret.
must know: there is some people watch transformer for nine times just to catch the moments recorded in 35 secs video above. cheers.


Last time, few years ago. I thought of to get a boyfriend that is:-
  1. taller than me
  2. older than me
  3. smart than me
  4. rich
  5. handsome
  6. pro-active
  7. caring
  8. loving
  9. sharing
  10. no bluffing
  11. good in sports
  12. have huge social circles
  13. well-behaved
  14. etc etc etc
After a while, I found out, if that the guy chases you with all the requirements that you asking for, he fulfilled all the requirements and qualifications, that is only last for the period of few months. Or, even weeks. That is while they are chasing you, they put 100%. After they got you, they deduct 10% then 30% then left 50% then you are only worth 20%. not-worth-it.

A lot of girls never realize this. Included me, last time. Now I know, relationship that I desire is something last long but not the requirements. this is what i say before i get into marriage stage kay.

Now, the thing I asked for is the maintenance part for a relationship.

  1. distance
  2. affairs
  3. jealousy
  4. boys prefer football than you
  5. girls prefer spend time together for nothing
  6. small tiny thing (e.g. dinner place, who suggest dinner place etc)
  7. both the couple's schedule (e.g. Uni timetable, assignment time)
  8. how much time you need your partner to stay with you per day
  9. rumors aka desas-desus
  10. and I couldn't think of anymore cause all those are real real tiny thing kay
Above is the list of thing that what every couple will argued most probably every single day. Ya, is every-single-day.

What I can suggest is guy should be more sensitive towards girls cause female does not have the gene of saying what they want. Like, what they expressed is not what they want and what they do not express is not necessarily what they want to.

There is a quote from my friend:" if your girlfriend act like a bitch, just hug her tightly without letting her go no matter how hard they refuse"

The only controversial part for me is the bitch part. Other than that, what he said is holy real true.

I talked too much for this. sien liao.

Going PJ tomorrow to attend charity presentation.
Then back to Klang coming back on Monday I think. Or might as well just skip the MONDAY CLASS!! im.possible lors. I am a good student.

and I am a good student who under severe pressures. (not stress yet)

1 beep(s) to KahYee:

BB= Blur Boy on Jul 19, 2009, 12:27:00 PM said...

Jus like wat i said in my blog...

Girls are hard to understand, they change rapidly and suddenly... sometimes giv them good thing, they don appreciate, when don treat them good, they merajuk pulak....

U teach me how la...
sienz man

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