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Sunday, April 10, 2011

the making of..

AT 8:32 PM

These few days I was busy with siblings (except the poor Kathy Lim cause she's in US) we were making Sushi since Japan got so much radiation now so we decided to make the radiation-less sushi ourselves and also baking muffins. Now we all do it ourselves cause outside foods are so expensive and so not nice to eat derrrrr...

And wtf guess what I found out I've gained so much of weight. From NOW, I decided to keep fit. Stop laughing. I have decided means yes I've decided. Oh crap suddenly feel so sick. Damn shitty. Tomorrow have to go work. Honestly, in this company, I seriously need to be as low profile as possible and as obedient as possible wtf. Fresh blood must be like this. I am damn rebellious enough already. Also looking for another bigger company to work with. Any suggestion? Also I seriously, I mean, SERIOUSLY need to make over myself already. Probably after I get thinner. puff....  But really I am so happy with myself now with loveeeeeeeee. =.=

My small sister told me the past is the past just forget about it and focus to my future. My mother says fast fast find one "fixed" boyfriend and just stick to it forever. The thing is I am so happy with what I have now. Get what I mean? Really not much people can bare my qisin attitude, seriously. For example, at this second when I say I don't wanna watch this show cause not nice but the next second I will sit in front of the TV and watch till the end and say it's nice. Also my very pariah temper. I really don't know how is he going to stand me. I mean the "fixed" boyfriend or whatever he would probably run away after 7 days or something. Mama, don't be so innocent. No boy will like me cause of my pariah attitude de, k? guai...

Crazy. Why must I go to those social events meeting the kopitiam's son and all. I don't want. In another way it would be interesting I think cause I wanna see how they react with me. Probably because of my pariah attitude they like me cause you know guys are lonely they need more interesting woman lady like me derrr.

What I am talking about? Gosh, I am falling sick. Dizziness and all kinda shit thing. Because I watched TV for over 2 hours I am not used to TV anymore. But because I am too lonely no bf no guys jio me for dating so I am stuck at home and must stay in front of the idiot box and also the stupid portable laptop and too much radiation made me sick T_________________________________T

So I wanna go get some rest now playing with my HTC. See, still another radiation item. How now? o.O I have nothing to do. Don't ask me to read, please.

I love you.

Good night.

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