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Thursday, April 7, 2011

since 11th Nov 2010...

AT 10:27 AM
Hi guys, I have been missing in action for monthssssssssss I can say.

Due to some unhappy things that happened. Yeah yeah yeah... I know... I have lost a lot of my readers, but I really don't care about it now. I am happy with what I am doing currently. Blogging in the office while tahaning the shit that is coming out from my ass =___=

I miss my sister Kathy Lim so much.

For these 5 months, I have done so many things, which are included, I am graduated from the bloody hard UTAR. I have been to the States for 2 weeks, I have been working for 6 months, and getting more and more unhappy (I don't mind if my boss see this actually). I have been to Penang for don't know how many times in these months, averagely one month once I think. I have been to Johor and most of the time I am stucking in the jam in Klang Valley.

My friend Clement with me now are the closest friend FML and his senior in his lab acted so weirdly. HAHHAHA!!! KC and friends have found job and almost all of them have a better pay than me FML.

Then I still kinda miss Kathy Lim.

A lot of people thought I am not having something with Mr. L but it is not. In fact, it is Mr. K that is well known in the politic industry. I am Ms. K. HAHAHHAAHHA!!

I am still the queen as usual. Able to fight with boss when I don't like the things or I don't like the decision he made. And yeah wtf I got sexual harrasted in office. Got one kiss that aged 60 wtf wtf wtf.

Anyways, I am still that cool.

Oh ya, in my dream the 3 guys I am still dreaming are still the 3 guys which are A, B and C (I WON'T TELL YOU!!!K!!) And I am getting fatter and fatter, not because of the food I eat, but because of travel, I need to sit in the cars for hoursssssssssssssssss so my butt is getting bigger and bigger FML.

Ok, I think that's all for now. Will compile more things in the future to be reported here. I still like blogging anyways, as how much I love YOU!!! Yeah, you <3 ahhahahahaHAHAHHA!!!

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Prof.Chouji on Apr 8, 2011, 11:44:00 AM said...

woots~ you're finally back blogging! =)

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