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Monday, May 12, 2008

I am rubbish

AT 1:15 PM
Dear everyone,

I am broke. Broooooooooooookeeeeeee..............

Sien. And I have so much things to do.

I am going to borrow $ from PTPTN which I should have do it earlier but anyhow I still can do it now BUT I am doing it alone cause my friends already got their $ and I am skipping classes alone.

Also I am applying so so so many scholarships and there are NO NEWS at all. Who the heck says no news is better than got news? Damn!

No money is really sux (ya, student like me is the most kesian one). I cannot even buy a good thing to my mom for Mother's Day (yesterday). I feel so so so bad. Instead, she paid for the breakfast for me and siblings. Omg. She did it another way round. I knew she expected something from us(me especially) and yet I cannot do anything for her.

All I can do is just keeps telling myself in my mind that I can give her whatever she wants 3 years later(when I already got my degree), but I always scared it'll be too late for everything cause time will not wait for us. I LOVE my mom so so so much but what I am doing now is just saying without doing. The Mother's Day gift that I gave my mom is just a bottle that cost RM15+ and some more I am sharing with my sisters. Ya, 2 more sisters. I am a failure. I am so sorry, mom.

Ya, you might say help her do household chores might lighten her burden. Yes I did helped her. I did. But helping her doing housework is definitely not enough. One thing I am glad is my sister who has got JPA scholarship that somehow REALLY lighten my parents' burdens.
I am just so rubbish. I am contributing nothing. I somehow feel so sorry to KumHoong and WB and whoever he/she is. The only thing I CAN do now is houseworks and planning for activities that going to on very very soon. Those activities are uncertainties for me. I don't whether they are going to work. I hope they will. I am working so hard on my attitude so that I will not offend anyone of you people. Now, I think I'd better keep my mouth shut and mind my own businesses.

Goods and services are getting more and more expensive. My parents' pockets are shrinking I knew that. But yet they are still trying to give me and my siblings the best. My dad owes many Banks LOADS of $ but I cannot do anything to help him other than study hard (but my results are sux) so I am rubbish. I feel so sorry to my parents. I can still eat nice food buy good stuffs using their $ (it's all inside rm250 my monthly allowance that they give me). I should have save the money for anything that might happen in the future or for my parents. Friends, do not worry about me I am fine. See all ya guys in the near future.

Your rubbish,
Kylie Lim Kah Yee

2 beep(s) to KahYee:

黑珍珠 & 约斯霖 on May 14, 2008, 1:50:00 PM said...

rm15+ a present for mom is considered as good lo..
if u r rubbish, then i m nothing.
i didn't buy anything for my mom also.

LimKahYee, Kylie on May 14, 2008, 5:50:00 PM said...

haha..everyone has their different perceptions compare with you worries la.i'm ok! ;)

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