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Saturday, May 3, 2008

MSN conversations

AT 2:21 AM
Short recaps:

Okay la..
I tell you I've already get over with it and you don't believe.
I really got nothing to say lo.

Kampar is freaking hot these days.
(I never know so many people study for exams will contribute to this problem.)

Hesitating to blog in English or Chinese. Or both. OMG.

It has been a long time lo. I never chat like this (6 conversations at the same time).
Yaya, some of you may say you can chat with more at once and why am I showing bloody off right here. But if you can do so,
please tell me cause I wanna know who the heaven of people you chat with, typing or phone-calling or in Alien's language that allows you to use your stupid antenna to connect with the people and talk like "dit dit dit" like that.

Anyways, I got to know something from these conversations.


First and foremost, someone admire SOME of my characteristics. Is a guy who said so.
Chairman of a Club in my Uni who said that.
(I'm chatting with guys except for one girl, FYI is Q's ex-girlfriend.)
Don't ask me why am I chatting with her cause I never think chatting with her gonna cause me a bad-health.

Secondly, I am actually attractive, cute and MEATY!! =.=
The lord said so.
p/s: the lord is my cute course-mate and also Q's house-mate.

Thirdly, she told me she's in his house. I don't know what's her intention of doing that.
(May be I think too much)

Fourth, I am actually became so Emo+moody and someone dare not to sms, msn me or talk to me since the day I always go to the so-called relationship actor (Q la) 's place.
Until today only the ice is broke, finally.
(What am I talking.)
The Lord again.

Fifth, still there are a lot of people thought I, me, Lim Kah Yee who's very poor+weak in English Language is English-educated punya.
Thank you, Daniel.
(Should I be proud of that?)

Sixth, I am not a powerful girl-by Chairman.

Seventh, KumHoong slept earlier than me.

Eighth, someone(Keith) fed up with Form6 and speechless with it.

Ninth, someone FFK (abbreviation of fong fei kei aka let go an airplane) for barbeque and even Iyngaran's (his buddy if not mistaken+house-mate) birthday also he did not show his handsome face. (Someone told me one la. If you were there then I got nothing to say)
What kinda friend is this. I don't know.
p/s: I am saying this not because I still care for him or love him but because I really cannot tahan there's such a homo sapien like that.
Ya may be you're in bad mood. So what? Now I am in bad mood so I wrote this.
Now I am in bad mood so I:-
smiling while see someone being rape by a son of BITXH;
push you into the pool;
cover your hate with panties;
feed you eat shit;
cooperate with Osama with give US a boom;
You might say if I don't like I can just pretend like I cannot see.
But sorry lo cause people will say I am pretending but most important thing is
I am not blind

Tenth, I haven't do my laundry and pack my stuffs yet and I'll be on the bus back to KL 12 hours later.


pp/s: it's 3am now. Don't look at mirror cause you might see things you've shouldn't see.
I am saying your panda eyes okay? Omg...
People these days...

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