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Monday, July 21, 2008

SRC Handover ceremony 08/09

AT 6:59 AM
Terence, he was so tired cause he woke up at 4 something to come to Kampar all the way from Ipoh. =)

Khairil, he was so tired cause the night before that he helped out his friends until 2am and if I didn't called him to wake him up, he is kantoi la!
I, always take people's sleeping photos. Please don't hate me cause you didn't behave well HAHAHA!!
Actually, I didn't behave well also sometimes.
Like this.

I was so tired cause I slept only 3hours that night cause I needa study for Bio mid-term cause my lecturer hinted me and said:"Join extra activities is good but you have to take care of your results as well." And I swear I won't let him ketam to me again like that.
So ugly la. That is why Khairil said 人美怎样拍都美;人不美怎样拍都不会美.
SRC handover Ceremony

Me(Kampar SR), Pearly(Setapak SR), TjunKong(PJ SR), ChiWei(my future-husband Sg Long SR), and former SRs.

My bosses.
HAHA! DSA managers (the 2 women beside me) said I need to stand at the middle to show I am Chairman. YEAH~

Again, my future-husband Sg Long SR Chi Wei. This is the room of UTAR president.

This is the UTAR mace that only will show up in Convocation. It is darn heavy la weh! 20kg I am so need want to carry it!!!

Monica's 20th birthday~~

~~Dinners by my roommates, housemates, and friends~~

This chocolate is originally from Carlifornia.

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