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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Very Simple only - Boring Entry

AT 9:18 PM
Actually, it's very simple.

I am like a baby(please la not babi). Really. Cry when I am sad; laugh like WHAT when I am happy. No pretending; No additive; No preservative. =.= I am not food!

Many people who don't know me thought I am already 22 or 23 year old. In fact, I am A-LOT-MORE-YOUNGER than that lo.

I am not a superwoman. I am the same with other girls.
I am not a COMPLETELY independent girl although I am a bit more independent.
I am not a COMPLETELY decisive girl cause sometimes I am actually lazy to analyze and make decision.


When I am campaigning for SRC, I am like a very professional OL. Very tough one. Sleep for only few hours everyday. Still can smile at people when distributing the flyers; talked very loud while giving the speech (I heard that I am very fierce when I give my chairman-speech =.=).

But you always don't know what is behind the scene, that is,
- Panda eyes
- Untidy hair (I never comb my hair one actually)
- Pajamas
- slippers in Uni with formal wear after the campaign
- My sitting post
- Sleep with whole mouth of saliva
- and always let "someone" worry and xin1 tong4

when I don't like you I'll tell you
and I don't simply listen to desas-desus aka rumor (just in case you don't know BM)

I am so nice right? 鸡蛋糕 I am s.s-ing

I should stop here.

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