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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I am so not good.

AT 8:51 PM
in many things. i tried my so best and i always think i am at least okay but i am not. it's a failure to over-estimate self capability.

many craps happened.

the postponed of exams, and another postponed of exams. not to blame others but myself only to be blamed.

my life is totally crap (just lemme be negative for while k).

it sux because i never success. things are cramp together and it gives even more craps.

it makes me flooded until i cannot breath.

can i give my life a break, no?

again, i thought i am good or at least average but now i found out i am the worst one.

no one in the world is worst than me.

i am the worst student ever. the worst sister ever. the worst girlfriend ever. the worst human ever, too.

i am just so sux.


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