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Friday, May 28, 2010

my random life...

AT 1:19 PM
This is the very first time in my whole life I bought girl's accessory. =.=
Fail x 98235890137420934

It's simple so I guess can wear it to anywhere?

My sister's Kah Sin's fav!! ♥♥

Is this!!!!!! So spicy wan.. She  spicy things 

Then when I came back from Kampar, I passed by Genting to have
Baskin Robins since it's Wednesday the Pink day HAHHAHAHA!!! 

Then headed to this Korean street food for Korean food la apparently introduced by my big sister.
This is not Kimchi.

This is not Miso soup.

I had the Raboki if I am not mistaken it spells like this XD XD XD
It's too heavy for me T_________T
So cheesy. Not good. Not thin.

Kari had this. Damn nice ♥♥

Then 27th is my Kah Sin's birthday and I accidentally saw this....
... what my 174cm 73kg's brother left for my sister before he go to school for exam XD XD XD

This is Kah Sin's birthday cake 
It supposed to be very nice but because everyone is so so so busy and exams craps everything so the cake is hard like a semi-rock HAHAHHAHA!!
I asked why only one candle she said because ONE year older HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH!!

Now you must be wondering who is Lim Kah Sin.


This is Lim Kah Sin HAHAHHAHAHA
You no need to know how she looks like cause we basically are identical ones HAHHAHAH!!

Then Ms. Kah Sin s Korean food so much. Used to  Korean so we brought her to the ....
Korean Street Food cafe~ 

Ms. Kah Sin is like this punye.

And she has some superstar characteristic....


My big sister had this.
RM 4.90+

That is the way she dissect the onigiri. I don't know what it calls in Korean.

Ms. Kah Sin had this.
Shrimp Kimchi mixed Rice

Vege Kimchi Mixed Rice.

Then .... I went into Foever21 and saw
this. And I fall in love with it immediately after I put it on my body.
But due to financial crisis on me so I didn't buy it T___________________T

After another 2 hours of shopping,
We went to this. Recommended by big sister too she had so many good food after following a rich man boy.

Sesame tau fu fa RM6

Ma ti sagu don't know what blah.. RM6

Ms. Kah Sin's mango puding ice cream sagu etc HAHAH!! RM9

After so many whiles the ice still couldn't melt so Ms Kah Sin wasted it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The cute bowl.

And finally before we went back,

She wants some finger food so here it goes. Not so nice the fries at Asian Avenue.

We also had Subway cause Thursday is the best day for Subway YAY!! ♥♥♥


3 beep(s) to KahYee:

jfook on May 28, 2010, 1:27:00 PM said...

I saw Baskin Robin'ssss!!

ohmywtf on May 28, 2010, 1:29:00 PM said...

lol...ur bro so kedekut la..gave a cup as

Lean on May 28, 2010, 1:41:00 PM said...

Dropping by ere Kylie. =)

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