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Monday, May 19, 2008

10+1 things you MUST DO in Cameron

AT 6:49 PM
They are cute, right?

Orang asli nowadays very geng cause they are riding bike and selling things in not-very-low-price for us.
  1. Eat ice-cream (in a cool weather is my favourite)
  2. Eat crops at that particular season (e.g corn (may), durian(end of August [MY BIRTHDAY!!wakakka!], and whatever fruit it is la)
  3. Eat burger
  4. Eat strawberry (e.g strawberry chocolate/honey, strawberry jam etc)
  5. Steamboat, BBQ or both( No photo cause I am "taking care" of my food only) wakaka!!
  6. "visit" those flowers and cactus (don't buy them if you don't have garden cause they will look kanasai if they stand alone)
  7. Eat HOT HOT tea leaves eggs
  8. Eat steam yam, steam potatoes, steam/bake sweet potatoes and whatever "toes" it is la
  9. Drink Boh-tea(which I normally don't do cause not cheap) Thus, no photo provided. =)
  10. Walk under your apartment or hotel and mid night and enjoy the cool winds
  11. * visit this temple IF you want

My super-fat photo. (that explains why 7/10+1 is all eat&drink)
Oh bi god. How ah? Learn The Lord fasting la!!

Cameron, I'll be back.
(and I can heard someone peisi-ing me and ask why the heaven I wanna go Cameron so often)

  • it is one of the places that its temperature <28>
  • cause I am poor (cannot go overseas for the 1st reason)
  • almost die in Pangkor semasa 10-year-old (so we seldom go bitch beach)
  • my parents can shun bin drop me at Kampar after the trip
* so, I am already kat Kampar. Oh Bi God.

p/s: Leave me a message at anywhere (shoutbox, sms, msn , email etc) if you wanna see me.

It's also Wesak public holiday so we can also see...

pp/s: the thing you see on the right is a reflection of mirror cause I took this photo inside the car ma.
Not ghost la!

Oh bi god, today I am alone in this 3storeys so-called-dorm. How ar?

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