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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Olympic 20.08

AT 5:14 PM
You and Me by Sarah Brightman and Liu Huan


First of all, this is the chick that my sis drawn. I think can put into the Beijing Bird nest la. HAHAHA!


okok, be serious a bit.
For the Opening Ceremony of Beijing 20.08, there are a few parts that I really like.

The fireworks of course! Touched x1

I put this because it is purple la. HA HA!

This scene and the song sang by the two people with their awesome voices. Touched x2

After the song, bunch of people came out and open the umbrellas with all babies smiley faces. Touched x3

Yao Ming and Lin Hao. Lin Hao 9-year-old, at first I thought who is this small kid simply ran out from the audience seat. Haih. (Got eyes don't know tarzan)
He is actually a real good boy. If I am around his age, I would like to marry him next time. Touched x4

This fella, Li Ning flying and sang "I believe I can fly" =.=
He is so keng.

This part is so so so so so touching when Li Ning lightening the caldron. Touched x5


Stupid testing skirt.

Nah nah~~
I am so darn fat lo!



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