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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sports Carnival 20.08 FSET最大力!!

AT 4:59 PM
UTAR Perak Campus First ever Sports Carnival
I am the official --> the Emcee

Early in the bird morning 730am I reached the Sport Complex

Someone is there warming up already. That was volleyball game.

The sky is still dull.

This is my co-emcee, wei yung.

Ya I took so many photos apparently I am not doing anything.
HAHA!! =.=

The sky getting up now.

Here it goes.

Sports Carnival

Basketball. Ya so obvious it was basketball.

A simple brief to all futsal players

Basketball - staff team was playing

Charlie's Angels, the Secretariat

Tug-of-war, FSET 最大力. HAHA! Cause FSET got CHAMPION!

FSET wearing black

Prize giving ceremony

The trophy and the medals.

This is what overall champion, Foundation got.


Overall Champion: Foundation with 22 points
1st runner up: FBF with 18 points
2nd runner up: 最大力FSET with 9 points
Fourth place: FAS with 5 points

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