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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Random thought - I hate yam cha

AT 6:50 PM
I really don't like yam cha cause for me it is a waste of time AND MONEY AND HARMFUL TO YOUR HEALTH!!!!!!!!!!!
Sorry for those who fancy yamcha aka limteh aka drink tea/coffee or whatever.

Think about it.
  1. You yamcha sit there people around smoking you inhale second hand smokes then lungs for problem - harmful to health no.1
  2. Yamcha you sit sit sit sit without exercising butt also will be bigger la wahlao! - harmful to health no.2
  3. You yamcha you will order drinks (usually cold drinks). Cold drink is harmful everyone knows that but don't wanna accept the fact only - harmful to health no.3
  4. Yamcha is normally activity after dinner so some people order food as well other than drinks. Meaning you are having your supper and you are not allow to eat at least 4 hours before you sleep (if you say you sleep at mid night then you are not healthy alreadyla) so this cause obes - harmful to health no.4
  5. Yamcha you no need to pay meh!? - waste money no.1
  6. Yamcha you sit there apart from drink and eat also may be you watch the big screen LCD that provide by the mamak stall or restaurant lar. You started to watch then you will wanna keep watching and you keep ordering drink and the more you drink then your body suffers- waste of time no1.&waste money no.2&harmful to health no.5
  7. Yamcha you sure chit chat and please recall back what you have chatted is there anything relevant? Please don't tell me chit chatting about politics are relevant la please so - waste of time no.2
Here I conclude that, there are harmful to health x 5, waste of time x 2, waste of money x 2.
If you have money I got nothing to say,
if you have time may be you can keep the time for something more meaningful,
if you tell me you have extra health perhaps you think your life is too long so may be you can consider to work as volunteer at Iraq, Iran or may be Sichuan.

2 beep(s) to KahYee:

fat said...

So you don't have friends inviting you out to yumcha or what? XD

LimKahYee, Kylie on Aug 29, 2008, 9:46:00 PM said...

fat, who are you?haha. I have friends invite me lar. I normally don't go is mainly due to my busy works. Apart from that is I really not so fancy yamcha.

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