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Friday, April 11, 2008

Happy Birthday to yousssss!

AT 1:47 PM
My so-syok-punya-face.
Managed to post right after(1sec) kaihung spotted me. LOL!

Short recap:
Recently my brain has become boarder. However, it is not in terms of boarder to absorb the knowledges but the way of thinking.
Becoming even more enthusiastic; happy; pretty; flirty and.....

Cheers people~~~

p/s: sometimes, let go is really the most brilliant way.
It's brilliant because you need A LOT OF courages and be VERY persevere!
You did it, you win.
If not, you really sien lo!!!
(people don't want you already you still send yourself to him as a present! C'mon la girl, can't you just be rational a bit ah? The way he treats pet is even better than how he treats you lo! If you see what I wrote here please WAKE UP la!!!)


Cm's birthday cake. It is chocoloate flavour!! hahaha..

She:" I wanna eat the whole cake!!"
Candy:" Don't you dare to do it I tell you!!"

Say CHEESE Cm, although it's choco cake!! Haha!!

Cm:" Ngiek ngiek!!"
Lawrence:" Ah, I am so SYOK!!" -__-

Cut cut cut..

Lawrence looks so innocent ler.
p/s: LOOK only lor!!

What tradition is that? Break eggs on birthday boy's head.


Put flour some more. Wahlao!!


Here comes the next party.

These are my girls.
(Monica Hii aka fly, Bonnie Tan, Siet Teng, Ang Yee Chan and Angie) left to right.

These are birthday girl(Jing Jing) and boy(Sze Chuan).

I chose the cake one la.
Ice-cream cake in white color; fruit cake in blue)

She:" I'll cut you I tell you!!"

They are house-mate. Birthday fall on the same day.
And both are left-handed. Swt!

The guys with Birthday Gurl!
(Sam, Vincent aka Deathy Lordie, Sanjaya, Jing Jing, Cm, Lawrence, Candy) left to right.

To the right, to the right...

To the left to the left....

Me, and the Birthday Gurl!!

These are...
... my friends!!!!

Copy righted by: Ta Kai Hung

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