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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

UTAR flood

AT 11:48 AM
Short Recap:
Every time when I wanna go back to Kampar, I have to go through this.
Sien lo!!!!

This time ar, I really wanna give a damn to Pudu Bus Station cause their toilet pack like 茨场街
I don't have a chance to even pass by the toilet.
End up, how??

My bladder sabar for 3 hours lo!! how...

Candy so emo.

Bloody Floody UTAR.


以前我在PJ UTAR的时候,同样的事情也发生。相信很多人不懂吧?
Well, 国会大厦都会发生“液漏”事件。区区一间半政府大学,还用说吗??

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