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Tuesday, April 1, 2008


AT 11:31 PM
Short recap:

Sometimes, girls don't tell or ask doesn't mean we don't know.
Girls are super-sensitive animal especially when it comes to love and jealousy.
Without asking, we know who called and what's the purpose of the people calling.
And by listening to the tone you speak, girls know what happened.
You didn't tell me the incident is probably because you don't want me to think too much or don't want to gimme another lame problem OR you think you don't need to "report" it to me And......
I hope it would not be the 3rd reason.


In my point of view, friend is someone who appear around you.

Sadly, not everyone around us treat us as their friend.

I don't know whether those leceh thingy happen only on girls.

6 friends for 6 years can just break the friendship "like that" without any concrete reason. They are staying under one roof, studying the same course, meet each other every single day, eat together most of the time and et cetera. Suddenly, 2 of the members of these 6 don't appear anymore at the ground floor.

Few friends for one-and-a-half years decided to stay together under one roof again for studying purpose. Again, most of'em are studying the same course. Many conflicts can actually happened within few months. I am not saying this to offend anyone of you and this is merely my point of view. One of them always grab people's food and eat, I don't know what is the reason he/she cannot control him/herself. He/she should know his/her friends won't like it but still always ask for the food. Friends said something bad behind him/her. Friends do not do that in front of him/her because he/she will scream like die mother if you say the truth and give a damn innocent face.

2 girls were room-mate. They used to share( gossip) a lot of things. Now, they become house-mate. Things don't go like last time. Both have new friends. Girl A has a bad attitude (may be due to how her parents pamper her infinity much). Girl B I don't know what is she intend to do by doing so many things to promote Girl A's bad stuffs. One day, Girl A made one of the house-mate cry with a small tiny reason (a damn given to Girl A), whole house was like a haunted by ghost and everyone damn emo and damn exaggerate in doing things and saying words ( I suppose the purpose is to add ethanol to the situation). Luckily I was not at home.

When I was back, Girl B talked to me. She told me everything that happened when I was not around, which I think is a right thing to tell me what had happened in the "haunted house". After she told me the stories, I felt she's trying to influence me to get into their conflict by asking me "what you think about Girl A" and telling me what "bad things" that Girl A did to me behind me and KEEP repeating the issue and KEEP reminding me and KEEP influencing me so that I hate Girl A and be part of her gang ( I SUPPOSE that's what she intend to do). I am so sorry to tell, I choose to stay neutral because it's really wasting my time to deal with this time-consumed+energy-consumed stuffs and the most important thing is, no money for me if I get myself involve into this issue. Even though IF she really did THOSE to me. So people, stop putting effort to pull me into the water. Thank you.

A girl friend of mine, Girl C is so fragile. She met lots of problems wherever she went. She has problems with ex-house-mate, studies, and friendship. In order not to be so depress, she find another group of friend to complain about every single stuffs and shout out all her disatisfaction about friends and stuffs. Initially, another group of friend of mine is ok with Girl C's complaint. However after a while, all started to feel frustrated with Girl C's complaint and her living style also her mind of thinking. The group of friends started to boycott and keep themselves away from Girl C.

Girl D, she is well known with flirting around ( according to my friends and I've no comment on this statement). Other girls don't know why ( not jealous gua I guess) don't like her infinity much and started to talk something a lot bad things about Girl D. According to girls, Girl D did something irritating on them which I don't know is true or not with what D did. 'Cause those things are super damn lame. So, if D really did that, I would like to pei si her. If not, I'll definitely pei si those girls.

Case close:
Ya ya I admitted I did SAY something about all the parties. BUT!! All those are what I heard from people and I am just conveying the information without exaggerating any of them. When I stated it's my point of view, it will always stand at the edge of positive and negative, which means I am neutral one. You tell me, I listen; people talk about it, I convey the info; people ask for my opinion, I always give you the most neutral answer ever.

Well, I am not blaming anyone here because without these people, the world will be like heaven and it's so boring if there is no devil kacau kacau around. Trust me. All of them are really good and nice people but may be having different point of view. So, the purpose I wrote this entry is to tell you guys that may be people can sometimes twist-turn a bit and try to see things from other's perceptions to make things better. Yeah. I am peace supporter ( if those are misunderstanding or mou liu stuffs, but when it comes to 冤枉 me ah! You sure die I tell you. Die very hardly.)

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