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Tuesday, June 30, 2009


AT 7:45 PM
It has been so long, I never eat chinese food in Kampar already. Because they are so expensive. But, tonight I was scolded by him out of the deep blue sea T.T cause I did not have my dinner. x.x I dapao black pepper dory fish rice so spicy.

Morning I had this. Look nice or not? XD I cooked myself. Afternoon I had yeemee in Chinese restaurant.

Then I bought these three breads from "Justoeat" that is why I did not have my dinner since I ate these three already in the afternoon. T.T then I scolded by him.

I phat he say I phat. I did not eat he will be the one suffer (that is what he said) T.T but I feel so touch when he scolded me that way T.T T.T

Also, my course now very complicated cause he don't know like she A or she B then (dammit so spicy the black pepper fish rice) and now she B hates me liao (I think so) then she A I don't know what she thinking then she C has a new bf then the ex is so sad right now and so complicated until my brain burst liao.

Then above is charcoal bread. And molecular Bio is so hard to study okay I study till my hair also white got uban already how am I suppose to do? T.T

That is all.

p.s. My life is just about food I think cause my all my entry recently is about food.

1 beep(s) to KahYee:

Angel Wong on Jul 3, 2009, 2:20:00 AM said...

charcoal bread...
It's a little different in Malaysia. But, nice or not?

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