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Thursday, June 25, 2009

AT 10:46 PM
Today I went for transformer after my class and finished my to-be-done work. Went there redeem tix then eat Kenny Roger ROASTER then watch movie then he went shop for sports shoe but back with empty hands cause he very mafan wan la like my sister LOL!

He went for training.

Thing is, I woke up at 630am oh yay!!

About Transformer 2, the revenge of the fallen.
Well, it was tiring also cause I was sitting sixth row from front lo then there were so many robots then I cannot identify who whack whos then I was trying to detect some error from the movie (ya I am so mean one lar is like that) then I couldn't detect any cause my eyes were too dry (means tired la) then he yawned in the cinema. It's funny la can watch but this kinda movie makes people want to watch twice cause you will be damn blur when the first time you watch so this is the place they earn money.

That is all for my analysis. The most cun part is the end la the "New Divide" by Linkinpark FML.

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