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Wednesday, June 24, 2009


AT 7:36 PM
Apples smell so good. It makes me feel fresh everyday. It makes me look pretty everyday. It makes me look mysterious too cause its appearance is unpredictable. Therefore, apple=mysterious. what the crap. HAHA! I have an apple a day la. In order to keep the haze away.

I am so scared since I get the previous result. Because the effort you put not always equals to the reward you get. So, I am scared of this coming Saturday's test, Genetics. It has been 7 weeks I never take any sort of test and the existence of Genetics test this Saturday makes me don't know whether to study or not. I know I have to. But I scared I will get the same consequences as the previous exam. Ahh... I am full with question marks now. I am in dilemma. Anyone tells me what to do? You can just give me some advices, even though, you know I won't listen. XD

Tomorrow, I am going to watch Transformer 2 with the mysterious one. The one that I never reveal his identity in my blog. So, for those who wants to know who is the mysterious one, see you tomorrow at TGV Ipoh. Kong aka Amie's boyfriend said that Transformer two DAMN nice. So, I am going to witness it myself tomorrow oh yeah~~

I guess I need to study.

See you bai.

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