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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

AT 7:49 AM
This is not something ejected by some male's organ kay. This is cococut beer. It is an alcohol drink that naturally get from the fresh coconut up on the coconut tree (explanation by my mum la don't know how true was it)

Was doing genetics report yesterday. weeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I think I am back. I think!!

Captured this while in the class yesterday. Do not blame me for the sux resolution cause my camera is like that. If you want better pic, buy me a better camera wuhoooo~

An apple a day the banana away. =.= We need fruits everyday. Yay~

Da pao by him to me haha. I ate with expired instant noodle so I slept at 10pm yesterday cause my stomach sirening already. I was very tired yesterday so thanks to my stomach else I won't be resting that earlier lar.

I was hesitating whether to buy this and in the end I buy cause it is really usefull in campus that is warm like desert kays. hell the what why my campus so hot. And and and.... Kampar got haze liao.. Pa, ma, you daughter cannot see the mountain at Kampar cause the haze is around.

p.s. Please announce darurat so that I no need to school. ^^

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