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Tuesday, June 2, 2009


AT 2:51 PM
I have something to say.

I am not happy with my next door cause they used toilet for century long. I hate it. Another thing is, there is one girl she has long hair. Dammit her hair stuck on the hole where water flows out and my toilet flood everyday. The basin, omg, full with her hairs wtf. I don't understand another thing. Why when they are not using the toilet, why they need to open the door and chat very loud with their friends wtf. Also, they always forgot to open the door every after they used it. T.T

Another thing. Kampar has car and bicycle and bike jam. Omg. There are damn many cars shit. I hate that. Jam like hell. That's why I don't like when all of them come back.

When I was on the way to Uni, all the bicycles wahlao. I cannot imagine a year ago Kampar will be like KL or Mumbai.

The next thing. The weather hot like tuuuuuuuut. I go to Uni can change 5 shirts cause I sweat too much. The cafeteria seats not enough etc.

Hell the what.

Grrrrrrh... Faster graduate faster run away.

Now is what period? Is handover period. I am going to handover SRC Chairman post, Bio Society Chairman post, Sports Club secretary and Community Service comm member post. I'll handover everything except for course representative post.

I am so sleepy. People say I look pale everyday probably due to my curing-in-progress lips.


1 beep(s) to KahYee:

The Khang on Jun 2, 2009, 5:23:00 PM said...

U bring 5 shirs to uni everyday ah?
Use NLP to persuade ur toiletmates la...
Handover ur post? Icic... can let off many things lo...
The weather is worst now, drink more plan water as well...

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