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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Des...des... despicable... DESPICABLE ME!!!!

AT 11:31 AM
Hi people, I've got my finger cut yesterday 

Know how I cut myself, using knife? HAHAHAHA!!  I was trying to use knife to cut of the plastic wrap at the top of soy sauce bottle. Then the 4th attempt I wanna cut the plastic, you know the soy sauce bottle is so smooth and silky so the knife slipped to my finger and hence  I didn't cry but the first thing I did was to wake Kari up. He was sleeping on my bed waiting me to cook the dinner. So ended up he cooked everything for me but the pot until now he hasn't clean it yet  my kitchen is sour nao.

I realized that my fingers look very pretty neh 

Ok, that was despicable me.

Another despicable me is my camwhore photos in this entry.

My teeth aren't that tidy anymore  wanted to go for adjustment or braces  and I have big wide face
Need more $$

I looked better if the photo is captured diagonally or horizontally  cause these kinda photos will mislead the readers the fact that I am ugly!!! 

Photo taken before pre-graduation photo shot. WHY I LOOK SO PRETTY WAN!!! Nola, just woke up at that moment, eyes bit bengkak 


recently I have found out the facial care product that suit me the MOST to the MAX!!

Random shot of my table. I like the word random cause it doesn't really have a meaning of specific definition 

#1 Baby product  After you apply on it then your skin will be like baby skin YAY!!! 

#2 Olay Total Effect. I used to use it everyday 4 years ago while I am in secondary school. 
The effect of Total Effect was superb!!! It gives me immediate effect, too! However, I stopped using it after the first bottle cause the price is low and I thought I can find a better wan. BUT! After 4 years of experiencing the rugi-ness, THIS IS STILL THE BEST!!! 

#3 Ok, this KOSÉ essential water. I know this product years ago but never wanna try it and know it. One day, my big sister, Kathy found it on online shopping website and this product is one of the best seller. I went to check for this product and have known it's made up of herbs. My family's genetics work very best and is the best complement ever with herbs. But I didn't plan to buy it until my big sister went to the outlet and ask for more info. She wanted to but one so don't know why without hesitate I would like to share with her.
Guess what? It gives an immediate effect on my face and no more bintik bintik and small dots of pimples on my face and my face so smooth like baby face nao LOL  

FYI: I am using Himalaya hair wash and Olay Total Effect Body Shower Foam now  ALL SUPERB COMBINATION!! my skin condition is the best as when I first born!!!

#4 Got myself this facial cotton also. Very conveniece so that I do not have excuse for not cleaning my face everyday 

Another despicable me session! 

Don't look at the background la kay my room 24/7 that messi wan  see my face looks a lot better unlike the previous photos in this entry. More shiny and healthy. Right?

This is also the first time I officially put up make-up. Only eyeliner and mascara with brow definer. I think that is pretty enough because I iz naturally pretty  but a bit chubby lars hehheh

 this shot. See I am natural beauty even I am a bit chubby FML!!!

You know, I might be the dream girl or dream cute/sexy/ girl/queen/for many computer geeks moments later. Who knows?

p.s. Forgive me cause I  dreaming =) DESPICABLE ME!

4 beep(s) to KahYee:

TOLANIC on Jul 24, 2010, 11:35:00 AM said...

For computer geeks only ka? What about real life? =)

LimKahYee, Kylie on Jul 24, 2010, 11:51:00 AM said...

TOLANIC: in real life there is NONE OF THEM!!! T_____________T

Anonymous said...

OMFG... girls can look SO different just by doing a few small things... that's so unfair, how come guys can't "change face" so easily? HAHA...

Looking at the pics scare me at how diff u can look X.x

LimKahYee, Kylie on Jul 29, 2010, 4:01:00 PM said...

Prexus: er... quite easy actually but I only applied eye liner and that's it. or probably without specs. how scary? Gosh... i thought it looks good? T____T

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