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Thursday, July 15, 2010


AT 12:37 PM
p.s. The photos in this entries are all taken by Kari.

I rarely blog about Kari and this entry is specifically for him cause he complained to me why i never post something about him. So, here you go!

#1 View of my messi table.
Actually this was captured by myself.

#2 My reminder to remind me to put on Mister Potato Rice Crisps on instant noodle I cooked for the Mister Potato contest~
This photo also I captured myself wan.

#3 Ok this is by him. My instant noodle series. The fake Korean noodle made in China, instead of Korea. [His hands are very vibrate-able]

#4 Campbell mushroom to cook with Prego the spaghetti sauce. PERFECT MATCH!!! Try it!
[His hands are very vibrate-able] x 2

#5 He did all when I was studying la apparently.

#6 This is the very beh song I gave him HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!
[His hands are very vibrate-able] x 3

#7 Fragrance sachet for my room. Put it for months dee no more nice smell.

#8 The rose he gave me.

#9 My beauty box. I have everything in it.

#10 The label for crocs slipper I bought.

#11 Closer look. [this is him la taking many purposeless photos HHAHAHAHHA!! ]

#12 His injured leg while playing friendly football match. This is padan muka. I never pity or ke lian him for his injuries cause I didn't ask him to play football wan. Sendiri cari pasal Xp

#13 Closer look scared people don't know how pain it was.
[His hands are very vibrate-able] x 4

# 14 I don't know why he suddenly take this after his leg. May be he wants kacao me or what. All the photos also posted with his capturing orders. LOL!

#15 This is the punishment of being too free nothing to do and don't sayang me. HAHAHHAHAHA!!!

1 beep(s) to KahYee:

Anonymous said...

sweeeet nuh ! Kari u r so lucky noh !

#7 Fragrance sachet for my room. Put it for months dee no more nice smell.
---> i have exactly same one with yours. it no more smell dee after 1 week. haizzz

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