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Friday, July 9, 2010

♥ my life being packed and busy~

AT 10:42 AM
I was back to Jalan Tepi Sungai, Teluk Pulai, Klang on Wednesday right after IPC (Interpersonal Communication) tutorial.

To service my Viva. Buhoo. It's one year old now and it has been accompanied me in 20300++ km all the while lolx... and after that also I don't think I'll have time to come back dee lors.

Yesterday was an interesting day. I did so many things in a day and I felt the sense of achievement greatly XD

#1 Car service. Changed the engine oil and oil filter. Yesterday only I know engine oil originally is not black one =X stupidme.

And I was being bitten by mosquitoes like 82734986234 times there.

Mosquito loves me. And I don't think I'd ever accept their love!!!

#2 Then went for car tire service. It wasn't plan but since I was free after the car service and since it's weekday I guessed it won't be much people so I went to service my car's alignment cause I realized something wrong when I was driving.

I thought it was just alignment problem manatau, have to spend another RM 70 to change the two tire supporters cause they were the one caused the main problem, not the alignment.

Then I got  not enough money so I called my mum and debt under her name first FML lol...

#3 While I was waiting there comes this Minicooper that made all of them in the tire shop so fascinated with it. [oh gawd I non stop sneezing Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz]

After that, I had to fetch my cousins back to home from school so I shunbian go AEON to shop for cosmetics and cut my hair [damn emo with the saloon FTL]

#4 very messi room.

Ya talk about the saloon. It was cutting edgez I went since I only wanna cut a bit but she [an old auntie i duno how she gets there, I mean, Cutting Edgez is under APT Ugh FTL.] she keeps cutting left then make my hair so thin then say right looked very thick now so cut more then cut left again FTL and she said oh you see looked so thin so cut right again to make it balance. Worst is she wanted to continue. GO DIE PLS!! But I stopped her cause something wrong with my sister's hair pity her she so kelian. If I didn't stop her, I am a botak now T________T

What happened to my sister was, she wanted to cut a bit to look tidier but FTL again, she made my sister's hair into boy hair cut. FTL FTL FTL!!!!! Sheebai aunties. Always think they are right. See the conversation we had.

ME: why cut until so short? I thought she said cut a bit only? [damn pissed off now even it happened yesterday]

Sheebai aunty: Yala cut a bit means ONE INCH or TWO INCHES ma. [ go die la don't stop the world turning] 

I looked at her hair and wanted to say "i cut your long hair for two inches then i tell you that is cut a bit lah kay" But I didn't and ...

ME: 1 inch and 2 inches is for long hair people don't you know that? [wanted to say you cut hair for so long you don't know wan?]

Sheebai aunty: Yameh only long hair can meh? [FHL la] Never mind la hair will grow wan [FHL x 84502394753094753094753098470394769386]

I thumbs up when she said that.

ME: ya, hair will grow ya ya. [ wanted to say I cut your hair and tell you hair will grow wan, should have done that ]

Gonna curse them kaokao in my subconscious mind. CAN OLD PEOPLE LISTEN!? NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And due to another sheebai aunty keep making my hair thiner and thiner so I've a lot of short hairs are so outstanding now. Really FTL la. Sienz.

It was supposed to be a greater day. Cause before the shit happened me and sister enjoyed buying things around.

Out of topic a while. This is what I get from Project Alpha S2 contest. @@
An ADIDAS deodorant. 

That was MADE IN SPAIN!!!! Gonna give it to Kari cause he ♥s SPAIN so much, more than me.

Second item was this cap. That-is-all.

And before the saloon disaster as stated above, I went to Body Shop for my very first cosmetic set (eyes only la) in my entire life.
Pencil sharpener.


Pencil eyeliner.

Brow definer.

This glove to scrub my body. Didn't plant to buy it. It was bought to reach RM 150 to be a member there. I didn't wanna be a member also. But because you know, I soooooooo lazy to bath so may be this would help. LOL!

Eye make up remover.

Facial wipe to remove debris and make up as well. This is very useful!

And this mosquito remover. Not sure whether it helps. My legs now are full with 50 cents and 1 cent. T________________________________T

p.s. Okla papa I am attending the graduation ceremony la kay conpirm!

p.p.s. I used to like Cheesie very much. But not after seen her in Project Alpha S2 and her "ugly people are meant to be ugly" entry. No more with her  =)

3 beep(s) to KahYee:

Anonymous said...

1.i think,u banned the auntie already. hehehe.
2.shake hand. welcome to the body shop.wakakakaka
3.u use simple wiper also oh? it is nice right?
4.the mosquito remover. is it useful so far?

LimKahYee, Kylie on Jul 10, 2010, 12:29:00 AM said...

Lyan: I conpirm ban that aunties. lol... i was a body shop user long time ago. but stop it after i found better ones =X. The wiper very very useful!! the mosquito remover doesn't help, at all. now all mutated dee dun even scared of the liquid spray of ridsect. SIEN!

Anonymous said...

The wiper i thumb up for it !!! hahaz...

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