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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Top Auto Websites in Malaysia

AT 9:33 PM
HI!!! I just wanna ask, have you own a car now?  Alright, why do I care so much 

I ought to care cause you are my reader and of course I care!!!!

I have a car. Her name is Viva, nationality is Perodua, birthday is June 2009, and her race is metallic silver 

What's yours? Well, regardless of what your car is, since the internet is so important now cause we spend our time online almost 25 hours per day  right. So, I wanna introduce you a website that enable you to buy a car, ONLINE! No joke k!! And it's not a fake one. Like those games you play in some network websites.

The range of cars they sell is from BMW to Mercedes-Benz, from Proton to Perodua (alright this metaphor doesn't helping).  So who's so professional here selling all these cars? Jeng jeng jeng!!!! I mean, 


So the name of the website sound very arrogant and professional and most importantly, convincing, so I went to the website for a quick view.

From what I've seen, they categorized the car very well and accordingly. You can easily search your desired car with just a click. Yes, it is.

However (there's always however from me), due to the newly established website it is, I don't know how secure it is. Even though, you're directly contacting the owner of the cars but not paying through the website (of course cannot la so big amount, like the least is few thousands per car), I still think they need to have some authorization or security to ensure the cars are not stole ones or the seller is really wanna sell the cars but not those perverted human that gonna rape you and kill you when meeting.  
Alright, may be I think too much 

#2 Or you wanna meet a much complicated (not that complicated but I seriously prefer simple and clean website like website, you can go to for more information. Undoubtedly, their car brands are way more than To be honest la. However, it a much practical way, I still think carsifu is better. Think about it, most of us are not that professional in car stuffs, who the hell will know...
THIS!!!!! COME-ON!!! I'd rather go and meet the dealer (the LIVE version one) or might as well get a new car. HAHAHHAA! Yes, I might be noob to you.

But there is another positive and real good feature of which I really have to say.
They allow you to compare two cars. CUN!!

Somethin' like this...
Not bad ah...

#3 Lastly, if you're those exaggerating human from Mars, well, I've a nice website to introduce you. By means of you are those wanted your car run from 0km/h to 100km/h within 10 seconds, OR!!! you are fascinating with those modified cars that you think they are cool, you should go to For God's sake, they have almost everything there. But I still think the website is a little complicated for a non-modified-or-sport-car-lover like me Hehheh 

Alright, it's still up to you which website you choose. It's of course better you view all three since they didn't charge you anything for viewing their websites!! 

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Anonymous said...

geng ! Clear and brief. one cut deep into the throat ! no waste time. hehehe. Thumb Up ! ^___________^

Caryne a.k.a. F-I-S-H on Aug 4, 2010, 2:10:00 AM said...

Hello sweety, visiting your amazing blog & please do visit mine back & help me click my ads thanks! :)

BTW, my name is Kar Yhee. Which pronounced as exactly the same as yours haha!

Caryne a.k.a. F-I-S-H on Aug 4, 2010, 2:11:00 AM said...

BTW, master card for you :)

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