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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

♥ Recent Digital Conversation ♥ [updated]

AT 5:49 PM
For two weeks I was away from home, Jalan Tepi Sungai dee.

So my brother with 73 kg and 174 cm 84 kg and 184 cm NOW!!! [updated ver]said he wanted to MSN with me. Cause I like soooooooooo rarely on MSN so he has to write me a request, then submit through SMS only I'll online 

So, initially I thought he misses me so much, I really thought so.

Unfortunately, he actually asked me to membinakan ayat, 造句, make sentences for him as his tuition homeworks. Ok. Fine. So I helped him out. See what kinda sentences I made to him below 

#1 sentence for "authentic thai food" I do not know which perverted teacher ask the pupils to make this into sentences wan lor 

#2 Sentence for "Sigh". I am so creative, am I?

#3 Make sentence for "normally".
He finally complained on my ridiculous sentences  HAHAHAHHAHA 

Then, I thought he'd probably asked me to do like 5 or 10 words but guess what. It's total of 20!!!!!!!! RAWR!! 
This is what he replied, which I think it's really funny 

I know I am a bit perverted of using the emoticons cause put  then after a second then  then after half a second then  HAHAHHAHAHAHA!!

Then, my brother told me a real life story that happened to him the other day. Just so you know, he is 13 year old and he is 73kg and 174cm 84 kg and 184 cm NOW!!! [updated ver] what the hell??. @@ So, this is what happened....

Have you read it? Funny not? If you didn't  then you are 

Then then, another digital conversation with my sister, through SMS.
Since my big sister is flying to the States like so so so soon. So I am planning to go send her or give a well farewell ceremony for her (i.e. accompany her go shopping for the last time before she flies )

So this is what I text my small sister.

Then, this was what she replied.
Apparently, this is what my big sister doing all the while I wasn't at home =X  

 to my small sister!! 

Alright, of what I am a student NOW, so this is the exponential and almost stationary phase of my degree life.

8 more weeks I will be freed from EXAMINATION!!!! 
And how coincidently, ya, I'll be more free on my birthday week! Weeeee~ 
The third week of Aug!!!

Alright, time for camwhore.
[I am actually forcing myself to put up some photos of mine on every post in my blog cause it might attract more readers, you know] 

#1 Looking don't know where 

#2 Ok, looking down, again cause I won't be that fat, you know 

#3 Yesh, the pinky thingy is very useful HAHAHAHA! And I  my baby hairs so much!!! Nyahahahhahaha!

Lastly, my academic advisor, a kinda odd lecturer that did not play FB/Friendster/MSN/any other latest networks accepted me in LinkedIn. This proved that LinkedIn is a much professional network, I suppose 

4 beep(s) to KahYee:

Anonymous said...

wuiii... lil Kylie, your emoticon reli awosome nuh ! Where u get it? i love it so muchiesssss.

u r going to graduate niao... next sem i wont saw u any where i campus nuh? i feel something missing now~hmmm

ur brother so lil already 174cm niao. when he start to grow then ma omg second YaoMing dee? it gonna be reli geng! ==

LimKahYee, Kylie on Jul 27, 2010, 7:19:00 PM said...

Ya, graduating lo Lyan, next semester I don't think I will be back dee also. Ha. Probably will come back to submit final set of thesis la =)

Those emoticons I copied from someone's blog de =X HAHAHHA!!

Ya la my brother not even Form 3 yet. When I was in Form 3 my male friends all suddenly double taller!!! By that time I think my brother already 340cm HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA!!!

Anonymous said...

LOL, I got a LinkedIn request from you... I don't have one anyways, but funny that you would send it to me - unless it was automated spam XD

Useless to "professionally network" with someone who's on the other half of the world anyways, harhar. Unless you want me to start suggesting you pick-up computer jobs, lol.

LimKahYee, Kylie on Jul 29, 2010, 3:59:00 PM said...

Prexus: sad to tell you that it's a SPAM!! ha.. no lar cause I selected everyone in my list ma =)

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