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Thursday, January 7, 2010

The boy I fall in love with....

AT 2:54 PM
Yes, it is him. Too shy to take a photo. We met three days ago. At first he looks cool. But after we get to know about each other more, I think he is cute. You know? Cute.

I told his sisters that I wanna marry him next time. He is just 7 years old and I told them I am going to wait him until he reaches 18 years old. Another 11 years to go. I think he is quite loyalty even though a lot people like him. OH!! His name is Yan Xiang. Damn handsome right the name?

I will be waiting for you....

Love you forever. xoxo~~

p.s. Don't think too much I just like him kay~ Kari thought this boy is not a threat for him. Let's see how!!!! Xp

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