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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Farewell Yong Jian Teoh.

AT 2:41 PM
is a friend of mine from Primary 5. Since year 2000 until 2010. He was a jumped class student due to the PTS test last time which is quite lame wan.

Then during primary I wasn't so focus on him because he looked like a nerd ( now also Xp ) and he has his own very smart friends and I wasn't that smart wan =__=

Then graduated from primary school we went to the same high school then for the first three years I think I forgot about this fella until Form 4 we entered the same class only we become good friend. And at that moment, add maths did made us closer. There were a few of girls quite close with him and I think some fell in love with him also. In my mind, he is a very humor guy with his lame jokes and so. I don't know how to describe much cause like nothing to say also. Oh ya actually he is quite handsome!! (MERELY JOKING) Xp

Then he damn suey cause curi-curi found a girlfriend and did not tell anyone of us. Only said "Jasmine" who the hell knows Jasmine just a flower's name only LOL!!

He and Jasmine are still on going with their own LDR until now and they are both very happy.

Finally, he is soon flying to Germany to study a course that he still don't know yet LOL. That's JPA's arrangement.

It's a bit sad cause he is leaving. A bit sad only la. XD XD Went for the last farewell for him singing K for hours and that was one of the best memories with him during the years we know.
This is the small gift that I gave him so that he can still remember me after yearsss later =)) That is why I purposely sew my name KY on it also XD XD XD. And I purposely chose a very cute wan cause I think he will hate me forever for that which = remember me forever!!!

Take care my friend, and good luck for your future endeavor.


Lim Kah Yee

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Prof.Chouji on Jan 6, 2010, 9:31:00 PM said... 妃子送行。。送手扒。。


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