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Monday, October 5, 2009


AT 12:21 PM
i am so deep down today i had a long sleep yesterday and i think i had enough sleep but i am so moody and the first sms i received is to ask me to be punctual tomorrow and i need to wear all black formal but i dont have black top so how leh why all formal has to be in black why must black be the most common color for formal why everything has to be in white

i received kari's sms in the morning which is the morning message he sends me every morning when he wakes up i should be happy but today i dont feel like smsing him but i scared he MIA again cause he is driving busy have baby beside so cannot talk to me la

aiya what am i talking about later i need to burn another rm50 to buy top at VOIR omg that is the place we meet the last time before the next time we meet ma i need to go that place again so sien

i wanna go johor right now

i said that even though it is not possible

and i said i wanna go johor right now

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