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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

to all my readers.....

AT 12:15 PM
I have been MIA for three days, thought of to quit blogging out of sudden with many reasons.

I feel myself is like the four words above. I am useless and so naive. Don't have personality etc etc...... This is my 12 years old brother's calligraphy. He chose to study in Chinese Independent School for his high school education. Then, my mum always wanted him to study in SMJK. My brother so kelian currently in dilemma. My mum's heart very narrow cause she wanna show black face so that my brother goes SMJK wtf wtf wtf T.T why things are like that?


Another pair of shoe from SUMMIT. This is size 9 my foot so big leh wtfart.... Got this because previously I wore mum's and sister's black shoe to work and my foot almost gone cause I need to stand for 8 hours ma as Sensodyne's brand ambassador. Earn money not easy lah in short.


And after I got my salary for my Magnum job the other day,
I treated my fat her and 174cm 73 kg brother dine in Kenny Roger's Roaster. After that meal my dad saw that bill was rm46++

Then my fat her repeated for 983509457834765 times asking me not to waste all these kinda money. I just want him to be happy and he repeated 83857290359723 times asked me not to waste the money la say our family financial now got problems etc etc etc etc made me feels so guilty and craps.

What's wrong with me bring them for a fine dine? T.T

Was sitting in the car alone and as usual thinking of when can only I meet Kari. FYI, this is the longest time we've been separated it's almost one month. For most of you may be this is small case but shoo.. it's about and not you.
I am used to no smses from him this is the scary thing. I tried to give him some hints but he said he is ok with that cause I have my things to do. Sigh. Alright then.

My life = zero like what I just told Kari. Even I wanna go see doctor at some place I don't know also no one can accompany me. I'd been suffering from that disease for few months and that pain is killing me all the time. That pain stopped me from doing a lot of things and I cannot live like normal person did. It's very pathetically sad.


I just opened an acc in Maybank. Just to ease the agent company for paying me my salary.

I eat and drink very ok and I rarely eat meat, no smoking no drugs no alcohols but why such thing happened on me?

Kari sent me this photo which I am happy. But I'd rather wanna receive his photo than this shoe even though I love both white and purple and this is my ideal shoe.

Guy always cannot understand what girl needs.


4 beep(s) to KahYee:

Kennee on Oct 14, 2009, 1:28:00 PM said...

So back to bloggin??? blog la...dun la quit... XD
anyways nanged ya post on innit and also clicked on ya ads here... ^^

¥ù £Ïäñg on Oct 14, 2009, 7:59:00 PM said...

haihz.. no yuen fen to meet.. LOL!
i damn long din write chinese calligraphy liao.. hiahz..

The Death Lord on Oct 14, 2009, 9:00:00 PM said...

"I eat and drink very ok and I rarely eat meat, no smoking no drugs no alcohols but why such thing happened on me?"

P/S:Mayb u were meant to do the opposite coz human body is sumtimes lidat, u misun their real needs sumtimes. Therefore, they will lau gai n when they're lau gai, this is wat happens. U noe wat i mean la k. hahaha...

LimKahYee, Kylie on Oct 14, 2009, 9:58:00 PM said...

kennee: yeah back to blog cause damn moody.. @@

Yu Liang: sure got next time wan.. SURE!!! and don't rampas BB from me k? KAY??

Lord: you are good in talking nonsense =.= but may be you are right also..

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